🐘 Our gov’s got snark

🐘 Our gov’s got snark

BETTER MAN. We caught up with MoPOP senior curator Jacob McMurray to get real geeky about some of our local legends.
(📸: Ana Sofia Knauf and Mónica Guzmán)

Jacob McMurray is senior curator of the Museum of Pop Culture, and he has a hell of a good job. One big perk? Getting to walk around the mythical Pearl Jam warehouse this spring to pick out hundreds of band goodies for MoPOP’s brand new “Pearl Jam: Home and Away” exhibit.

Jacob gave us a sneak peek yesterday, and the place was — pun intended — jam-packed. Thousands of members of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club are in town for the band’s Home Shows this week and got a special preview.

“You just keep running into people,” fan Jon Towslee told us. He’s in town for the shows from Boston, staying in an Airbnb with a bunch of other fans, and waved at a friend he’d met at another Pearl Jam event while we talked. “It’s a lot of fun.”

So what’s in this exhibit anyway? Jacob gave us a lot of fun behind-the-scenes info in our tour on Facebook Live. Among the highlights:

  • Those big block “Pearl Jam” letters. Bassist Jeff Ament made them himself for the photo shoot that would produce that iconic cover of Pearl Jam’s huge debut album, Ten. Not sure what we’re talking about? Jacob and Evergrey director Mónica Guzmán demonstrate at 15:10.
  • Eddie Vedder’s notebooks. Turns out the Pearl Jam frontman is a big fan of composition books. And notebook doodles. Check ‘em out at 10:20.
  • The statue of Andy Wood. He was the brilliant lead singer of a Seattle band called Mother Love Bone, and died at the age of 24 of a heroin overdose. What does Andy have to do with Pearl Jam? Bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Stone Gossard were in Mother Love Bone before Pearl Jam was even a thing and were devastated to lose Andy. Jeff had this statue commissioned by artist Mark Walker — and you can see it at 5:30.
  • On that note: Want to hear Jacob tell an awesome story? Skip to 8:00. Stone and Jim invited Andy Wood’s mom, Toni, to check out the exhibit on Tuesday, and she had no idea that a 1,300-pound bronze sculpture by artist of her son would be there. “It was a super powerful moment for her,” Jacob said. Rolling Stone has more on all that. Wow. ❤️

Check out our full tour with Jacob on our Facebook page, and if you’re at Pearl Jam’s big show Friday night, don’t forget to tag #theevergrey in your Instagram pics. 

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Our gov’s got snark. Washington Governor Jay Inslee rubbed it in a little bit — OK, a lot — with a tweet he sent President Donald Trump yesterday. Washington Democrats did real well in this week’s primary races, and talk of a “blue wave” must have them all feeling pretty chipper. “The #waelex results last night were deeply concerning for Republicans. They need your help! Please come and campaign for them in WA this fall!” Inslee joked. Republicans are, um, probably not laughing. 😬 (Twitter)

‘Only three more years!’ Uber-pedestrian @SeattleWalkReport is one of our favorite local Instagramers, and she took her master urban observation skills to a place none of us will see in a while — the new University District light rail coming in 2021. What’d she find? Twelve earplugs, five pigeons, and an assortment of mysterious yet delightful “squashed things.” Said Sound Transit: “We promise to have the baggie of beets cleaned up for the station opening in 2021!” (Instagram)

Food > politics. When people disagree on politics these days, they disagree on a lot. But the Make America Dinner Again event is bridging those huge divides, and Seattle host Emily Nelson — who we introduced you to in the spring — is making sure of it. One guest at her latest ideologically diverse dinner? A proud local Trump supporter named Ray. “I feel misunderstood on almost every political point,” he told his fellow dinner guests. “It’s really hard to just have a conversation … so many people have deleted me.” This is a beautifully written account by one of the event’s participants, food writer Bethany Jean Clement. Don’t miss it. (The Seattle Times)

Ice Cream Ave. If you want to give yourself a cool treat, followed by another cool treat, followed by another cool treat (and so on) head on over to the Pike/Pine corridor on Capitol Hill, from 14th to Summit Avenue. “By my count,” writes Eater’s Jackie Varriano, “there are at least a half-dozen dedicated ice cream shops, some of the city’s best, within a ten-minute walk.” (Eater Seattle)

Magnuson mix-up. Thanks to readers Kristen Corning Bedford and @tallnoe for catching a mistake in yesterday’s edition. We told you that Drop in the Park, a big free Pearl Jam show back in 1992, happened at Gas Works Park, but it actually happened at Magnuson Park after plans to host it at Gas Works Park earlier that year didn’t pan out. Sorry about the mix-up, and thanks as always for the help!

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Things to do


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👨‍🍳  Wednesday, August 15: Make your kitchen a big dill at Foundation’s and MAKERS’ Pickling 101 class. (Belltown)

🌶  Saturday, August 18: Spice up your weekend with fellow heat-seekers at Hot Sauce Fest (Ballard)

🖋  Wednesday, August 22: Get tips to take charge of your content strategy at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn. (Pioneer Square) 🆕



🎈  Listen to young writers’ short stories and poems (West Seattle)
👋  Volunteer to help unhoused Seattleites with fellow Pearl Jam fans (All over)
💡  Learn about the history of The Showbox — and steps to save it (Capitol Hill)
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🎈  Head to Gender Odyssey to meet up with fellow trans folks and families (Downtown)


🎶  Show off your best dance movies to ’80s tunes (Ballard)
🎨  See local artists’ creations — through August 11 (All over)
🎶  Watch young hip-hop artists perform at MoPOP (Queen Anne)
🍴  Munch on Vietnamese food and tour the neighborhood (International District)
🎶  Take the fam to dance it out while surrounded by cacti and flowers (Capitol Hill)
🎶  Catch rock concerts and eat food truck grub at a block party (South Lake Union)


🎨  Scoop up handmade art and antiques at a flea market (SoDo)
🎈  Join the party to cheer on Obliteride bikers — thanks to reader Korryn Campbell for the tip! (Wallingford)
🍿  Take the family to sing along to Mulan in the park (International District)
🎶  Join this beach bash for Sub Pop’s 30th Birthday (West Seattle)


🍴  Perk up at an Ethiopian coffee ceremony (Rainier Beach)
🎶  Jam out to local musicians near the water (Downtown)
🎈  Bring the family to a Caribbean celebration (Seward Park)
🏞  Run around Lake Union and then grab breakfast (South Lake Union)
🍺  Taste ciders from around the Pacific Northwest (Snohomish)

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We’ll see you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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