🌭 THIS is 'the shame of this city'?

🌭 THIS is 'the shame of this city'?

(📸: Robert H. Miller Photographs)

WHAT IS IT? It’s a weird old word for ‘umbrella.’ But in Seattle, it’s also a music and arts festival that happens in Seattle Center every Labor Day weekend. Since it started in 1971, Bumbershoot has featured a variety of artists — from Etta James, Chuck Berry, and Emmylou Harris to Sir Mix-a-Lot, Mother Love Bone, and Drake.

FLASHBACK: Bumbershoot was first named “Festival ‘71” and featured motorcycle races, a “Hot Pants Contest,” pony rides for kids, local rock bands, and Sheb Wooley, the singer who brought “The Purple People Eater” to the world. The festival wasn’t called Bumbershoot until 1973. Dive into decades of its history here and check out a trove of old festival posters here.

EARLY HEADLINER: The rock ‘n’ roll-focused festival featured infamous (and controversial) beatnik and poet Allen Ginsberg in 1991.

USAGE: “You got your wristband for Bumbershoot this weekend? We can’t miss Sunday’s 9 o’ clock set!”

Know of a Seattleism that we should include in our new glossary? Hit reply or email us at [email protected]. We’ll be sharing out the Seattleiest terms we can find over the next several months.

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Celebrate the return of the North Pacific Fishing Fleet on September 15 at Fishermen's Terminal. Survival suit races and a salmon filleting contest. Learn More ».
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Doggone it. On Wednesday, KIRO radio reporter (and, important: Chicagoan) Zak Burns unleashed something controversial on the KIRO Nights show: He thinks the “Seattle Dog is the shame, the shame of this city.” For the unfamiliar, a Seattle Dog is a hot dog with cream cheese and grilled onions. Some think it’s delicious, others, like Zak, think it’s kinda disgusting. What do you think? Vote, below. 🌭

Option 1: *|SURVEY: What!? They’re the best! |* (click here to vote)

Option 2: *|SURVEY: Ew, gross.|* (click here to vote)

‘We’re hearing absolutely nothing.’ Seattle Public School teachers might be preparing to go on strike next week — just ahead of the first day of school on Wednesday. The teachers’ union, Seattle Education Association, is trying to bargain with the school district for more pay, better benefits, racial equity initiatives, and more — but they’re running out of time. Meanwhile, Seattle parents are getting frustrated with how district officials are leaving them out of the loop, forcing them to figure out childcare with no notice. Education advocates and parents say the lack of warning is “devastating” to struggling families who can’t find anyone to watch their kids. 😰 (Crosscut, The Seattle Times)

Coming to your ballot this November… a proposal to make it easier to prosecute police officers who use deadly force. It’s called I-940, it would require officers to go through mental health and deescalation training, and it’s backed by Deescalate Washington and the families of police shooting victims, including relatives of Che Taylor, Charleena Lyles, Jackie Salyers, and Tommy Le, who were killed in the last two years. (KUOW)

Sluuuuurp. Ready to get your ramen on? Seattle had tons of these Japanese soup shops. Among the best, according to Eater Seattle: The prawn miso ramen at Capitol Hill’s Betsutenjin, the miso ramen at Wallingford’s Yoroshiku Japanese Restaurant, and the porky broth spiked with black garlic at Tukwila’s Arashi Ramen’s. Fall is less than a month away and while we’re nowhere near ready to let go of the sunshine, we are definitely excited for comfort food. 🍲 (Eater Seattle)

Fair fare. Want to nom on funnel cakes and see critters at the Evergreen State Fair, but don’t have a car? Catch the bus! Sound Transit Route 578 will get you to Puyallup in about an hour — but you’ll still have a bit of a walk to the fairgrounds. 🎈 (Curbed Seattle)

Things to do


✊  Wednesday, Sept. 5: Hear some real talk about confidence building from a queer woman of color in tech at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)

🎉  Saturday, Sept. 8 – Sunday, Sept. 9: See large-scale art installations, peruse a street fair, and learn how design affects our lives at Seattle Design Fest (Pioneer Square)

📣 Tuesday Sept. 11: Write up some epic anecdotes with help from a storytelling and podcasting pro (Pioneer Square)

🏡  Wednesday, Sept. 12: Learn how to buy a home with a little help from your friends at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)



🍴  Make a picnic out of fruit harvested from all across Seattle (Othello)
🎟  Cheer on performers at a video game-themed drag night (Belltown)
🎶  Practice your head-banging at Bumbershoot — through Sept. 2 (Queen Anne)
🎟  See drag queens riff on the “best/worst” B-rated movies — thanks for the rec, Cynthia Brothers! (Belltown) 🆕
🎨  Watch breakdancing and hear spoken word at a youth arts block party (West Seattle)
🎮  Hear from a puzzlemaster and play board games on top of Columbia Tower (Downtown)


🍿  Watch short films, documentaries, and audience-favored flicks — through Sept. 2 (Queen Anne)
🎶  Sway to music by Seattle’s Totally Relaxed Ukulele Musicians at the locks (Ballard)
🏞  We aren’t kitten you — bring your cats to the park (Capitol Hill)


🎈  Take the kids — big and little — to play indie games (Downtown)
💃  Hit the dance floor in honor of Queen Beyoncé’s birthday (Capitol Hill)
🎶  Hum along to Baroque, classical, and contemporary flute tunes (Ballard)
🍿  Bring the fam to a super film festival of Marvel movies — through Sept. 6 (Queen Anne)
🍴  Nom on pie and see local art at the Blackberry Festival — through Sept. 3 (Bremerton)


🎈  Let the kids ride tractors and squeal about piglets at the Washington State Fair — through Sept. 23 (Puyallup)
Show your fangs at Buffy: The Vampire Slayer-themed trivia (Belltown) 🆕
🍿  Bring the fam to a super film festival of Marvel movies — through Sept. 6 (Queen Anne)
🍴  Get your nom on a community block party and cookout (Burien) 🆕
🎈  Take the fam to nom on funnel cakes at the Evergreen State Fair (Monroe) 🆕

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to [email protected] or tag #theevergrey on Instagram. See more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with an Evergrey membership. Is an event sold out? Hit reply to let us know and we’ll update the listing in tomorrow’s newsletter.


Team Evergrey is going to be taking it easy for the long weekend — and we hope you get to, too! Cofounder Mónica Guzmán is off oooohing at bighorn sheep in Colorado, business manager Kenny Shelton will be looking for some local BBQ, and Ana Sofia will be hitting the trails in Leavenworth.

See you in September. 🍂 — The Evergrey

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