🤔 10 big questions on homelessness, answered

🤔 10 big questions on homelessness, answered

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At a one-night count taken in January, 12,112 people were living homeless in King County. It’s one of the biggest, toughest issues we’re dealing with, and y’all have lots of questions. So many, in fact, that when we partnered with seven of our fellow local media outlets to ask what you most wanted to know, you sent in 400 of them.

You cast your votes for the questions you wanted answered, and we and our partners reported them out. Feeling curious? Here are the ten questions we’ve all answered so far…

“How do homeless families with young kids make it work?”
Asked by: Hannah Lidman via The Evergrey
Answered by: Kari O’Driscoll of ParentMap
Among their struggles: planning for school when you don’t know where you’re going to be and serving good meals when you don’t have a kitchen.

“What are other cities doing that works and why aren’t we as effective?”
Asked by: Heather Redman via The Evergrey
Answered by: Monica Nickelsburg of GeekWire
Monica takes a close look at Columbus, Ohio, and lands on some fascinating insights. One thing Seattle could probably use more of: “strong, coordinated leadership.”

“Does Seattle get an influx of homeless people from outside areas attracted to better services?”
Asked by: Craig Danz via The Evergrey
Answered by: Ana Sofia Knauf of The Evergrey (Part 1 and 2)
There’s no evidence of an “influx,” and though word has spread about Seattle’s advocacy organizations and services, the demand is high and the wait lists are long.

“How much of the problem is residential zoning? I’m often hearing that as a core problem increasing housing prices by reducing availability.”
Asked by: Billy Shih via The Evergrey
Answered by: Ashley Archibald of Real Change
Zoning around Seattle is among the most regulated in the country, and there’s evidence that that makes it tricky to build more housing and keep prices down.

“Who is doing what to reduce new entrants to the homeless population?”
Asked by: Rick Davis via SeattlePI
Answered by: Kate Walters of KUOW
Seattle and King County do have programs to stop people from becoming homeless in the first place. But we’re spending just a fraction on them of what we spend on homelessness overall.

“How do the unhoused think we should address our housing challenges? What would they tell homeowners? Renters? Politicians? Businesses?”
Asked by: Brian Hsi via The Evergrey
Answered by: Ana Sofia Knauf of The Evergrey
We asked some incredible people who’ve been through things most of us can only imagine, and recorded their thoughts in their own voices.

“Why is every article about [homelessness] so slanted? Where are the stories about the negative impact [homeless people] have on the rest of the city?”
Asked by: Anonymous
Answered by: Neal McNamara of Seattle Patch
Neal looked at more than 300 headlines about homelessness from media outlets around Puget Sound. Perceptions of bias and “slant” can get dicey, and this is a thought-provoking read.

“How much does it cost the city when people are homeless? Good to know how much not fixing the problem costs as well as fixing it.”
Asked by: Anonymous
Answered by: Manola Secaira of Crosscut
Depending on how you do the math, the answer could be $195 million, or as much as $1 billion. In any case, it’s expensive.

“What percentage of homeless in the greater Seattle area were actually residents with jobs, prior to becoming homeless?”
Asked by: Gail Leese via Seattle Patch
Answered by: Monica Nickelsburg at GeekWire
We don’t have data to answer that exact question, but among the things we do know: Losing a job was the most common reason our neighbors gave for what led them to become homeless.

“Do many people who are retired or aging end up homeless? Can people afford nursing homes?”
Asked by: Camilla via Real Change
Answered by: Ashley Archibald of Real Change
Yes, and in many cases, no. And with a life expectancy of 50, many folks who live homeless can’t access benefits for the elderly.

Curious about the other 390 questions locals asked about homelessness? Check out our chat about them on Facebook Live here. Big thanks to all of you for asking deep down honest questions, and to GeekWire, Crosscut, ParentMap, SeattlePI, Real Change, KUOW, and Seattle Patch for joining us in answering them.


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