🌊 Should we take her?

🌊 Should we take her?

NO, YOU’RE THE BEST. Like, for real for real. Thanks for tagging #theevergrey in this beachy scene from Alki, Kerry!


As part of our Evergrey Giving Guide project, you’ve told us about the improvements you’d like to see in Seattle and your recs for volunteer opportunities and organizations making a difference across our region. Now, we want to give you a chance to send out some special thank-yous over the next few months.

In September, we’ll be opening up a section of our newsletter for you to give kudos to someone who’s been awesome to you recently. For example…

  • To the barista who knows my coffee order by heart, thank you for helping start my morning with a smile.
  • Kudos to the rad bus driver on the #7 line who spotted me the last 50 cents of my bus fare on Tuesday.
  • Thanks to my buddy, James, who filled in as a last-minute babysitter so I could go to that Town Hall talk that made my night.
  • I want to shout out the librarian at the Central Library who gives the best book recommendations. I’m still not over how [insert awesome book here] ended.

We know you’re a thoughtful bunch, but we wanted to share our guidelines just in case. You can shout out any person you want for any reason as long as…

  • They’re local
  • They’re not jerks
  • You shout them out from a place of support and admiration
  • Aaand your language isn’t hateful or divisive toward anyone — not that you would be. 😉

>> Have someone in mind? Tell us about ‘em by filling out this form.

We’ll run your first kudos shout-out in the newsletter next week, and more through the rest of the year as part of our Evergrey Giving Guide project. So bookmark this form and submit awesome people as often as you’d like! We can’t wait to start sharing the love.❤️ And kudos, by the way, to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for making this project possible.


Should we take her? One of the 75 whales in our starving resident pod of orcas is in bad shape. Researchers have a plan to try to save J50 — also known as Scarlet — but it’s not pretty: If she gets weak enough to get separated from her family, they’re thinking about capturing her, treating her, then seeing what’s next. Capturing orcas is a lot less OK than it was back in the “Free Willy” days, and this petition to keep Scarlet in the sea has hundreds of signatures. On the other hand, we might be Scarlet’s best hope. Want to speak out on this? Make a date to chat with NOAA researchers at a public hearing at 1 p.m. Sunday at the University of Washington’s Haggett Hall. (The Seattle Times)

We’re burning up. Breaking records sounds nice. But with our summers getting drier, our rivers running thinner, and our fire season stretching for months when it used to last weeks, things are looking real grim for our cool, breezy Northwest climate. So can we protect it? “We are already seeing impacts of climate change here and now,” climatologist Karin Bumbaco told KUOW, “so we should do whatever we can to stop that process.” (KUOW)

‘I’m leaving you for her. Goodbye, Seattle.’ Twenty years ago, the anonymous author of this pretty sincere sounding break-up note thought our city was pretty great. “But things started to change,” the person wrote. “You starting getting more money and hanging out with your Midwestern friends. The freaky artist was disappearing, and your social activism became more about defending the tribe than helping people.” We’re not real sure where the dig at Midwesterners came from (“#MidwestMidBEST,” wrote one commenter), but hey. If you’re a freaky artist or genuine do-gooder, come hang. We need you. (The Stranger)

Drink the Chinese zodiac. I-Miu Liu moved to our Chinatown-International District when he was a kid, and now he’s opened East Trading Co., a Capitol Hill bar that puts those roots out front. Among the Chinese zodiac cocktails are the Dragon — a cocktail smoked in a teapot — and the Rabbit, which has egg white, gin, rum, and “emerald princess tea.” 🐉 (Eater Seattle)

Hugging Justice Sotomayor. It’s nice when your parents take you to see someone famous. It’s even better when she’s Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, she tells you you kids can do anything, then invites you to come hug her if you want. 😊 (The Seattle Globalist)


🍸  TODAY: Be a mezcal master and sample the goods at this mixology event from the MEX AM Northwest Festival (Capitol Hill)

🚚  Saturday: Make buddies while painting your very own trucker hat at this Foundation mixer (Fremont)

🤔  Wednesday, Sept. 19: Push or pull? Get tips on when to lead and when to manage at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn. (Pioneer Square)

😋  Wednesday, Sept. 19: Make your own delicious batch of kombucha at this Foundation event. (Belltown) 🆕

🗣️  Thursday, Sept. 20: Sit in on this MEX AM Northwest conversation about Mexico’s past, present, and future (Capitol Hill)

💃  Friday, Sept. 21: Eat, drink, and dance at this party with fellow do-gooders. Evergrey readers get 50% off a ticket with code YPSeattle (SoDo)

🍿  Friday, Sept. 21 – Sept. 29: Be a local film boss at the Local Sightings Film Festival, which features films and filmmakers making moves around the Northwest (Capitol Hill) 🆕

✊  Wednesday, Sept. 26: Brush up on the history of civil rights and how it’s playing out in your world today at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square) 🆕



🗣  Dish on the week in news with local writers Ijeoma Oluo, Monica Nickelsburg, and C.R. Douglas (University District)
🎈  Catch the last Magnuson Park Night Market of the season (Sand Point)
💡  See a bike-powered cell phone charger and more designs for global good (Queen Anne)🍸  Sip mezcal and celebrate Mexican mixology at this Evergrey partner event (Capitol Hill)


🗣  Say hey to R.L. Stein, a.k.a. the author of Goosebumps (Burien)
🎟  Do yoga and join a morning dance party on a boat — postponed to next Friday (Downtown)
🎈  Make a playdate for the kids to eat moon cakes and welcome fall (International District)
💃  Sway and get dipped at a tango festival — through Sept. 17 (South Lake Union)


🍴  Make like a mouse and nibble on lots of cheese (Georgetown)
🍴  Nibble on spanakopita, roast lamb, and baklava at a Greek festival — through Sept. 16 (Montlake)
🎈  Check out a boat show and go for a ride — through Sept. 16 (South Lake Union)
🤓  Get wowed by cosplayers and embrace your comics nerdiness — through Sept. 16 (Renton)
🍴  Nom on food truck grub and sip local brews outside (South Lake Union)
🎨  Paint a hat and make friends at this Evergrey partner event (Fremont)


🏞  Learn about the Native connection to plants and medicine-making (Beacon Hill)
💡  Hear from a seriously badass group of local artists/writers: Ahamefule Oluo and writers Ijeoma Oluo, Lindy West, and Charles Mudede (Central District)
🎈  Take the fam to a celebration of our local feathered friends (Edmonds)
🏀  Cheer on the 2018 WNBA champion Seattle Storm at their victory parade! (Queen Anne) 🆕

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to [email protected] or tag #theevergrey on Instagram. See more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with an Evergrey membership. Is an event sold out? Hit reply to let us know and we’ll update the listing in tomorrow’s newsletter.


Remember the ‘90s, when every sitcom was set in New York, and then this wine-worshipping radio psychologist took to the fictional airwaves out of Seattle?

“Frasier” turns 25 years old on Sunday, and Curbed Seattle has the answers to questions we didn’t know we should ask: Where did the producers go to film the single, solitary episode they actually shot in Seattle? What would Frasier’s high-rise condo look like if he lived here now, and oh yeah — what would it cost?

Enjoy. Oh, and congrats to reader Caitlin Parker, whose shares of The Evergrey won her two tix to Daybreaker Seattle’s big boat bash next Friday. Send us pics!

We’ll see ya tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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