⚾️ How Seattle got its moose
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⚾️ How Seattle got its moose

THE CONTEST: In 1990, the Seattle Mariners baseball team held a competition for kids 14 and under to choose the team’s new mascot. More than 2,000 kids from around Washington State submitted entries.

THE WINNER: Fifth-grader Ammon Spiller from Ferndale, WA. Ammon said he suggested a moose because they’re “funny, neat and friendly. The Moose would show that the Mariners enjoy playing and that they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. It shows they’re having fun no matter what the situation.”

THE RUNNER-UP: A sea monster.

FIRST GAME: April 13, 1990 at the Kingdome.

KNOWN FOR: His sweet dance moves.

FUN FACT: Mariner Moose might not speak, but he sure has a fun Twitter account.

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Today, we’re doing something a little different. We’re looking back at the most captivating local stories from the last few months to share back. Need some good weekend reads? We got you.

Do we have an attitude problem? Seattle’s long been known for its chill — and we’re not just talking about the so-called “Seattle Freeze.” Lots of folks consider us to be pretty laid back. But as our city’s changed, columnist and lifelong Seattleite Knute Berger’s wondering if we can still claim that. “We were once a bit of a haven from urban growth — now we’re the exemplar of it,” he wrote. “For many of us longtime residents, today’s civic life and economic realities feel like a punishment much of the time.” Feeling some of those growing pain anxiety yourself, regardless of how long you’ve been here? Knute’s column is a thought-provoking read. 🤔(Crosscut)

Whale tales. This summer, a mother orca known as Tahlequah grabbed us all by the heart when she refused to drop her dead calf for more than two weeks and 1,000 miles. While some scientists weren’t convinced that Tahlequah was grieving the way we humans do, her plight, as well as news of another struggling orca in her pod, put us all into mourning. We made paintings, wrote poems, and pushed state leaders to take action to help the Northwest’s orcas, who are basically starving. 🐟 (The Seattle Times)

‘He was telling me to shut up. So I did.’ In July and August, 11 women accused Seattle nightlife entrepreneur David Meinert of a range of sexual misconduct, including assault. KUOW reporter Sydney Brownstone talked with all of them about their alleged experiences, which spanned from 2001 to 2015. One of the women, Seattle Times food reporter Bethany Jean Clement, said she felt that she had to laugh off what happened to cope. “As women, we’re taught to feel lucky if it isn’t worse,” she said. Since the stories were published, many of David’s business partners have cut ties and politicians have divested from his political donations. (KUOW — Part 1 and Part 2)

About those box houses… New apartments, condos, and homes around here are blocky, grey, and stick out among our city’s neat old brick buildings. Ever wonder why they all look so similar? Crosscut created a handy explainer video that laid it out for us. It basically breaks down to this: “Low cost materials + large scale investors + restrictive zoning = buildings looking the same.” While we recommend watching the whole thing, we thought the clip at the 0:54 second mark was especially fascinating. 🌆 (Crosscut)

40 percent. That’s how many of our 12,000+ unhoused neighbors are living in their vehicles around Seattle. What’s that like? There’s just one lot in SoDo where people can park without fear of being ticketed or towed. Ten people live there, three people have died there since the start of the year, and the city’s not giving out any new permits. One thing that makes housing car and RV residents even harder: The city doesn’t have a dedicated budget to help them and hasn’t had much success moving them into permanent housing. Meanwhile, hundreds of housed locals are complaining about garbage and people parked outside their homes. “These vehicles are affordable houses, straight up,” one advocate said. “They are producing new forms of housing where they do not see them available.”  (The Seattle Times)


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😳 A wickedly funny show about an ugly emotion Rachel Mars’ Our Carnal Hearts (Sep 13-16, On the Boards) gleefully celebrates envy, competitive spirits, and all the times we screw each other over.


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