😤 Fun with rabid sports fans

😤 Fun with rabid sports fans

PUMP THE BRAKES. Life’s whirring and flying by around us, but lots of our neighbors are still taking time to slow down and give back. Thanks for tagging #theevergrey, Chris M!


» 🏠 “[We] started a giving circle in our neighborhood so that our collective giving has a bigger impact. Together we decide on a nonprofit and then each give $100 to that nonprofit. 100 women giving $100 each provides a $10,000 unsolicited gift to a local nonprofit. It’s a great way to feel like you’re helping move the needle on an issue, without having the individual resources to do so. When women come together to tackle an injustice, they can move mountains. I’m so proud to be part of something collaborative, that focuses on systemic issues and building community.”
— Kristen Corning Bedford, member of her neighborhood giving group Impact West Seattle


» ✊ “Yesterday I donated to the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center because I wanted to stop feeling helpless and fight the rage from the news of the last week. I got an email saying their phones won’t stop ringing and they need support. It was easy to give $25 to help.”
— Tyler LePard, board member of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands


» 🌲 “‘Till we have a formal system of land reparations, this is a step in the right direction to undoing past land use and human rights abuses, the echoes of which we can see today…. It is a place of privilege to be able to donate money. [People] donate to me for my work and I feel like [this] is a way to pay it forward.”
Laura Loe, who makes a monthly donation to Real Rent Duwamish, a local org that aims to compensate the Duwamish Tribe for its land, resources, and livelihood


» 🍎 “It can feel quaint I suppose against some of the larger issues, but to me it’s very humbling / life-affirming / inspiring to think of Seattle — with all its problems — as this great urban orchard that can still nourish people. It’s also a smaller org where a relatively small donation can go a long way.”
Anna Goren, who gives to the local nonprofit City Fruit, which educates Seattleites about fruit trees and improves our neighbors’ access to healthy foods


» 🐟 “The last ‘big’ one (for me) was donating $180 to Pike Place Market Foundation in support of the new Marketfront. I made the donation because I love Pike Place, both the market that’s such a major piece of Seattle’s history and the critical social services the Market Foundation provides in our community. I donated that specific amount because it gave me a chance to inscribe a Market Charm that now hangs on the new Marketfront fence. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a capital campaign that offers a place for donors who aren’t able to make a gift of at least several thousand dollars to feel like they’re really making an impact.”
Jessalyn Pinneo, who’s set up recurring donations to a handful of orgs, including our own Washington Trails Association and King County Library System Foundation.

Shout out to Kristen, Tyler, Laura, Anna, Jessalyn, Kate Brunette, Pandora Bjeletich, Cristy Stone, Kendall Jones, Hannah Lidman, Michael Lekas, Rich Allen, Kari O’Driscoll, Joan Davis, Rebecca Staffel, Katie L., Kate, Abraham Epton, Diane, Anne Martens, Michele, Jeff W., Shanna, Mackenzie Martin, Vanessa Ronquillo, Kristenelle Coronado-Kaiser, Debra, Lisa Barnes, and Abby for sharing their stories about their donations. And a special thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for making our Evergrey Giving Guide project possible.


Fun with rabid sports fans. The Seattle Times sports desk could have let the owners of our prospective new pro hockey team figure out a name on their own. But that would’ve been boring. So instead, we got the Times’ unofficial hockey name tournament — which after almost 150,000 public votes gave us a winner (Seattle Sockeyes!) and some really eager losers. “Kraken supporters were vocal the whole way, even with their team out of it,” wrote the Times’ Evan Webeck, “some going so far as to call into question the legitimacy of the whole process, to declare it a sham!” 😏 When does this fantasy become reality? The National Hockey League votes on whether Seattle gets a team at their meeting Dec. 3-4. And an actual, official name could come by spring. (The Seattle Times)

Statue vs. statue. A brand new statue got installed at the entrance of our Museum of Pop Culture over the weekend (watch the unveiling around the 10:40 mark here). It’s of Chris Cornell, the Soundgarden frontman who died last year and who locals miss very, very much. And it got Seth Sommerfeld of Seattle Weekly thinking about two other rock star statues in the area and how well they each rep the icon they’re supposed to immortalize. Chris gets high scores for location (I mean, who can beat MoPOP?). As for Kurt Cobain’s statue out in Aberdeen? “It’s tough to imagine taking a non-ironic photo with this hunk of stone.” 😳 (Seattle Weekly)

WSJBD? Now that he’s the richest person in the world, just about everyone, it seems, is asking: What should Jeff Bezos do? The Amazon CEO has announced a $2 billion “Day One” fund to address homelessness and help young kids in schools. He recently upped his company’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. He’s got wild, awesome ambitions to fund the next generation of space exploration. But plenty of folks — and particularly locals — have some questions. “To whom so much is given, so much more is expected,” writes columnist Tyrone Beason. “How is Bezos going to save humanity from itself when he can’t even save Seattle from Amazon?” (The Seattle Times)

All the 🍁, none of the 💰. Got four hours, five bucks, and an urge to get out of the city? Believe it or not, the Metro Employee Historic Vehicle Association is offering a fall foliage tour through the Cascade foothills on Sunday for less than the cost of your latte. On a historic motor bus, no less. And kids under 5 ride free. Check it out. (MEHVA)


👍  TODAY: Decode your leadership style at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)

🗣️  TODAY: Hear from CNN’s Van Jones at Seattle Arts & Lecture’s three part series shining a spotlight on journalism and journalists (Downtown)

🎙  Wednesday, Oct. 17: Join us as we co-host Seattle’s Fuck Up Nights at the Seattle Interactive Conference and learn — in good fun! — from people’s failure. (Downtown)

❤️  Wednesday, Oct. 17: Learn how tapping into your emotions can help you at work at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)

🔭  Friday, Oct. 19: Look up and learn at Foundation’s Science for Curious Simpletons: Astronomy in the Planetarium (Queen Anne)

🍸  Friday, Oct. 19: Follow up the astronomy adventure above with a look at the science of distilling at Pacific Science Center (Queen Anne)



💪  Learn how to farm and forage for mushrooms (Rainier Valley)
🎟  Watch queer cabaret and bid on auction items (Central District)
💪  Take stock of your leadership skills at this Evergrey partner event (Pioneer Square)
🗣  Hear from CNN commentator Van Jones at this Evergrey partner event (Downtown)


🎟  Belly laugh with techies as they get roasted by local stand-up comedians (University District)
💡  Have a convo about death that’s “spiritual to practical to downright funny and surprising” (South Lake Union)
🍿  Catch a film featuring some rad women skiers — thanks for the rec, Dawn Perry!(University District)
🗣  Learn about gut flora and the human immune response at this Science Slam (Capitol Hill)


🎨  See glowy art at the U.S.’s first international video projection mapping competition — through Oct. 14 (South Lake Union)
🍿  Check out short films about LGBTQ+ life and love at the Queer Film Festival — through Oct. 21 (Capitol Hill)


🍴  Bring the fam to munch on Chinese crepes and sip boba teas at a night market (Northgate)
🎈  Marvel at pretty floating lights at the Seattle Water Lantern Festival (Green Lake)
🍴  Nom sweet treats and support mental health awareness at the Depressed Cake Shop (Capitol Hill)
🎨  Gawk at (or get grossed out by) morbid anatomical art (Ballard)
🎶  Listen in to the Earshot Jazz Festival — through Nov. 4 (All over) 🆕


🍿  Get geeky about Wonder Woman’s cinematic evolution (Queen Anne)
🎟  Have a gorgeous time cheering on Queer Eye hair stylist Jonathan Van Ness (Downtown)
🎟  Nerd out while perusing aisles full of rare books (Queen Anne)
🎈  Take the kids to watch acrobats soar through the air — or try it yourself (Georgetown)

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to [email protected] or tag#theevergrey on Instagram. See more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with an Evergrey membershipIs an event sold out? Hit reply to let us know and we’ll update the listing in tomorrow’s newsletter.


We’re partnering with the community speaker series Ignite Seattle to let you pick one of the talks your neighbors will give at Ignite #38 on February 28, 2019. Hundreds of you have already cast your vote. Missed your chance? Here are the three talk titles again: Click ONE talk title below to cast your vote for your favorite.

» *|SURVEY: 52 Books a Year|* (click to vote)
» *|SURVEY: Intersections: What Uber Has Taught Me About Humanity|* (click to vote)
» *|SURVEY: Secrets of the Himalayan Giant: Life Lessons from Seattle’s Urban Blackberry Harvest|* (click to vote)

We’ll get back to you soon with the winner. And on that note, congrats to reader Amanda Gerber, whose shares of The Evergrey got her free tix to see Van Jones at Benaroya Hall tonight. Say hi for us, m’k? And kudos to reader Lisa Gallo, who won tickets to last night’s Futurewise feast and clearly had a blast.

Make it a great one, all. — The Evergrey

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