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👽 Space Needle or spaceship?

‘WE ARE NOT ALONE.’ Space Needle or spaceship?

That there eye trick is the work of Rudy Willingham, a Seattle photographer who’s decided that Seattle icons are way more fun with paper cutouts involved. Check out a few of his other gems on his Instagram account, like this Sonics/P-I globe mashup, the Seattle Art Museum’s Hammering Man getting drunk, and this motorcyclist popping wheelies with the Great Wheel.

What’s behind Rudy’s genius? Check out his interview with KING 5.

Now, we want to invite you to a critical conversation…

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When we asked you for your deep-down honest questions about homelessness this summer, a bunch of you asked what other cities are doing that’s actually working. Our project partner Monica Nickelsburg tackled that question over at GeekWire, and found one key thing that makes a difference: “strong, coordinated leadership in the homeless response.”

That coordination’s been tricky to find around here. More than 12,000 people are living homeless in King County, and our city’s struggle to house them is anything but straightforward.

So a few local organizers are trying a different tack. It kicks off with a free event Oct. 26 and 27 called Mobilizing 3 C’s to Solve Homelessness: Creativity, Compassion + Community.

Think all our neighbors should have a home, one way or another? Great. You’re invited.

“When you’re dealing with an issue as complex as homelessness, solutions are likely to come from approaching the challenge in nontraditional ways,” said Peggy Holman, a professional facilitator and one of the event’s organizers.

How is the event nontraditional? It’ll develop as it goes, drawing from the experiences of people who come and helping them connect with each other. And it won’t be just your typical wonks, but “people who don’t usually meet,” Peggy said — “homeless people, people from community organizations, business, government,” and anyone who just wants our city to take good care of its own.

“That’s a formula for new connections and ideas to emerge,” Peggy said. “If people come away with a more nuanced appreciation of the challenge and one thing they might be able to contribute, that’s a win.”

Intrigued? Sign up for the event Oct. 26 and 27 at Impact Hub in Pioneer Square and bring your ideas. We’re partnering on the event, along with Facing Homelessness, Journalism That Matters, and the fine folks at the host venue, Impact Hub Seattle. Interested in being a partner or sponsor? Email [email protected]


Lacking ‘fundamental fairness.’ Yesterday, our state Supreme Court unanimously decided to end the death penalty, making Washington the 20th state to make the shift. Why? Because capital punishment rulings were often used in an “arbitrary and racially discriminatory manner,” the Associated Press reported. One of the University of Washington researchers’ most damning findings: “Although prosecutors were not more likely to seek the execution of black defendants, juries were about four times more likely to sentence black defendants to death.” (The Associated Press)

Glamorous refusal. Seattle has a new pop-up — and it’s all about saying “no.” It’s a magazine stand, and for last night’s Capitol Hill Art Walk, it was only selling one title: The Magazine of Glamorous Refusal. One of founder Emily Orrson’s goals with the new mag: to make saying “no” less negative and turn it into a way of honoring your personal boundaries. Check it out in the back of the LoveCityLove Artificial Limb building. 💪 (Capitol Hill Seattle)

Expect the unexpected. Maia Espinoza is a Latina Republican running for a seat in our State House to represent part of Pierce County. She says she’s tired of Latinos being seen as a monolith. And she’s done being a surprise to Democratic voters. “It reiterates the ignorance of the left toward minority Republicans existing,” she told Crosscut. “They have this ‘It’s not right’ [attitude]. And a lot of assumptions. I’ve gotten better at combatting those assumptions, but I don’t think I’m going to change anybody’s mind, not in that demographic.” For a related perspective on that, check out this essay from Evergrey reader Mellina White Cusack, who’s queer, mixed race, and conservative.  (Crosscut)

Need a pick-me-up? Meet George, an English bulldog living with his fam on Bainbridge Island who — wait for it — skateboards. He goes to the local skatebark park, practices two to three times every week, and even had his own custom board built for him. See him in all his jowly, shredding glory here. 😍 (The Seattle Times)


Today’s local shoutout comes from Al Boss in White Center.

“Celeste and Shayla at the Celesto Espresso coffee truck, outside King Street Station, are truly amazing. (The truck, a refurbished classic old milk truck whose name is Annie, is as cool as the people inside.) They know my name, they know my order, they’re friendly and funny and great conversationalists. They make mornings a lot more pleasant than they’d otherwise be. Sometimes when they see me standing in line they jump up and down in the truck and shout my name. How could anyone experience that and not have a better day?”

Know someone local who’s made your day? Tell us about ‘em here and we’ll let you know when we shout ‘em out in The Evergrey. Stay tuned for more kudos as part of our Giving Guide project, made possible by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Partner Events

🎙  Wednesday, Oct. 17: Join us as we co-host Seattle’s Fuck Up Nights at the Seattle Interactive Conference and learn — in good fun! — from people’s failure. (Downtown)

❤️  Wednesday, Oct. 17: Learn how tapping into your emotions can help you at work at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)

🔭  Friday, Oct. 19: Look up and learn at Foundation’s Science for Curious Simpletons: Astronomy in the Planetarium (Queen Anne)

🍸  Friday, Oct. 19: Follow up the astronomy adventure above with a look at the science of distilling at Pacific Science Center (Queen Anne)

☮️  Wednesday, Oct. 24: Check in with yourself and your business around racial equity at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square) 🆕

Around Town


🎨  See glowy art at the U.S.’s first international video projection mapping competition — through Oct. 14 (South Lake Union)
🍿  Check out short films about LGBTQ+ life and love at the Queer Film Festival — through Oct. 21 (Capitol Hill)


🍴  Bring the fam to munch on Chinese crepes and sip boba teas at a night market (Northgate)
🎈  Marvel at pretty floating lights at the Seattle Water Lantern Festival (Green Lake)
🍴  Nom sweet treats and support mental health awareness at the Depressed Cake Shop (Capitol Hill)
🎨  Gawk at (or get grossed out by) morbid anatomical art (Ballard)
🎶  Listen in to the Earshot Jazz Festival — through Nov. 4 (All over) 🆕


🍿  Get geeky about Wonder Woman’s cinematic evolution (Queen Anne)
🎟  Have a gorgeous time cheering on Queer Eye hair stylist Jonathan Van Ness (Downtown)
🎟  Nerd out while perusing aisles full of rare books (Queen Anne)
🎈  Take the kids to watch acrobats soar through the air — or try it yourself (Georgetown)

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to [email protected] or tag#theevergrey on Instagram. See more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with an Evergrey membershipIs an event sold out? Hit reply to let us know and we’ll update the listing in tomorrow’s newsletter.


Yesterday was National Coming Out Day, which celebrates LGBTQ+ communities across the country and encourages folks to be themselves.

For any of you who took a big step yesterday — or watched someone you love take theirs — congrats. And for those of you who aren’t yet ready or can’t come out safely, we’re thinking of you this week. 💗

Live proudly however you can, Seattle. — The Evergrey

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