🏙 The Seattleite who shaped our city
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🏙 The Seattleite who shaped our city

That's Paul in the middle on the guitar.


#2: He liked sports. He was the owner of the Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers, and had a stake in the Seattle Sounders. Here’s more on his legacy with the Seahawks and what may happen next with its ownership.

#3: His real estate company has led much of Seattle’s most recent and significant development. He used his company Vulcan Real Estate to lead the development of South Lake Union, and has been met with criticism for trying to do something similar to the Central District.

#4: He saved Cinerama. After seeing a flier at a local video store seeking support to save the theater from demolition, Paul bought Cinerama and poured millions of dollars into its renovation.

#5: He’s built the world’s largest airplane by wingspan, to launch satellites into space.

#6: He created Upstream. The Seattle music festival launched last year with the goal of celebrating local Seattle and PNW artists and helping them gain more “exposure, resources and attention–” though some critics have pointed out many of those same artists can’t afford to stay in our increasingly expensive city.

#7: He founded the Museum of Pop Culture (then the Experience Music Project) in 2000 and hired Frank Gehry to design the building.

#8: He’s also responsible for creating the Seattle Art Fair, which just celebrated its fifth year.

#9: He funded a lot of scientific research. He founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2003 and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in 2014.

#10: Raising the “12th Man” flag before each Seahawks game was Paul’s idea– it was his way of thanking the team’s fans.

We’re sure there are even more ways that Paul helped shape Seattle. Know of one? Hit reply to let us know.

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Seattle is the #1 bike city in the U.S. If you’re regularly hopping on a bike to get around our city, you may gawk at this latest proclamation by Bicycling Magazine. But based on criteria like safety, friendliness, energy, and culture, Seattle beat out San Francisco with its concrete-buffered bike lanes and bike share system. Next up for our transit-obsessed city: Blocking off streets for pedestrians only? Some advocates are into it. (Bicycling Magazine, KUOW)

Canada is legalizing weed tomorrow. This is a big deal because our northern neighbor will be the largest country in the world to legalize marijuana, and “the entire West Coast– from Alaska to California– has become a marijuana marketplace where the formerly taboo drug is legal and commonplace,” writes Times reporter Heidi Groover. But if you wanna bring your fancy marijuana products across the border, don’t: You CANNOT take marijuana from one country to another. Stay smart, eh? (The Seattle Times, KUOW)

Science FTW. Last week’s decision to get rid of the state death penalty was the culmination of a more than two-year-long “scientific smackdown,” writes Danny Westneat. And at the center of said smackdown was Katherine Beckett, a UW sociology professor. At one point a state-hired expert called her unethical and accused her of manipulating data. But “every possible objection they threw at us about our work, we answered,” Katherine said. And so, science won. (The Seattle Times)

One way to celebrate the (potential) return of a men’s NBA team: Buy the $6.7 million estate once owned by former NBA all-star and Supersonics alum Gary Payton. We can’t decide what’s the real selling point here– the “Payton’s Place” party pad in the main house or GP’s initials emblazoned on a basketball court. (Curbed)

Hoping for cheaper rent? Well, surprise, we still have a long way to go. Here’s your friendly semi-regular reminder that real estate is still very expensive in Seattle, despite the market ~cooling~. Here’s all the data to cite for your happy hour kvetch sessions. (The Seattle Times)

Things to do


🎙  Wednesday, Oct. 17: Join us as we co-host Seattle’s Fuck Up Nights at the Seattle Interactive Conference and learn — in good fun! — from people’s failure. (Downtown)

❤️  Wednesday, Oct. 17: Learn how tapping into your emotions can help you at work at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)

🔭  Friday, Oct. 19: Look up and learn at Foundation’s Science for Curious Simpletons: Astronomy in the Planetarium (Queen Anne)

🍸  Friday, Oct. 19: Follow up the astronomy adventure above with a look at the science of distilling at Pacific Science Center (Queen Anne)

☮️  Wednesday, Oct. 24: Check in with yourself and your business around racial equity at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)


💡  Harry Potter trivia night (Capitol Hill)
🎈  Support transgender youth and students (Columbia City)
💡  Make a living doing what you love (Queen Anne)

💪  Make hanging moss ball plants (Downtown)
🍴  Breakfast with fellow entrepreneurs (University District)
💪  Become a better worker at this Evergrey partner event (Pioneer Square)
🎟  Learn from others’ failures at this Evergrey partner event (Downtown)

🍷  Take a stroll and sip local wines (Bellevue)
🎃  Shiver while listening to spooky, improvised ghost stories (Downtown)
💡  Ask scientists about their orca and salmon research (Ballard)
🎨  Dance and explore Seattle Art Museum’s new royal Indian art exhibit (Downtown)

👋  Explore the Wing Luke Museum after hours (International District)
🎶  Hear Sherlock Holmes-inspired tunes by local musicians (Capitol Hill)
🎃  Go to an occultist dinner show — through Nov. 18 (Pioneer Square)
🍿  Check out the German Film Festival — through Sunday (Queen Anne)

💡  Unleash your inner DIY nerd at a home design show (SoDo)
🎃  Dance at this MoPOP Halloween party (Queen Anne)
🎃  Drink at this Halloween pub crawl (Downtown)
🎃  Dress up for this anime Halloween party (Central District)
🏞  Fight your fear of spiders by taking a tour of their turf (West Seattle)
🎟  Laugh at a localized SNL comedy show at this Evergrey partner event (Capitol Hill)

🎃  Bring your little ones to a fall festival for pie and pony rides (West Seattle)
🍿  Dive into foreign flicks at the Polish Film Festival — through Oct. 28 (Queen Anne)
🍴  Eat your way through Seattle Restaurant Week — through Nov. 8 (All over)
🎃  Run through a corn maze and pick some pumpkins (All over)

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