🎤 Shakespeare karaoke and 'primal human urges'
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🎤 Shakespeare karaoke and 'primal human urges'

Board? There's a ton of stuff happening in our city every week.
(📸: @jenennap)

Reader Jenna Pratt was recently at The Station coffee shop in Beacon Hill when she noticed something awesome — the café’s crowded bulletin board. The thing she loved most about it: the board’s hub of inclusivity.

“[There’s] the immense amount of opportunities to serve a community. The safety of the flyers that offer services to those in need,” she wrote on Instagram. “The colorful, vibrant images and language associated with issues and causes that matter most to those you share a highway with day in and day out. I’m incredibly thankful to feel such a strong affirmation for moving halfway across the country to Seattle.”

Cheers to that, Jenna. 💗

Now let’s help you make some plans…

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Want to navigate our events like a pro? Check out our emoji cheat codes here.

❤️  Remember the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims and stand with our Jewish neighbors (Capitol Hill)
🗳  Register to vote in-person — it’s your last chance before the election! (All over)
🎶  Cheer for the Roosevelt High jazz band at the Earshot Jazz Festival — through Nov. 4 (Roosevelt)
🍴  Make a date night and try a new spot for Seattle Restaurant Week — through Nov. 8 (All over)

🎃  Get into costume for an evening of Shakespeare “karaoke” (Queen Anne)
👋  Celebrate Filipino American History Month with trivia and noms (International District)
💡  Hear “tales of political mischief” from local journalists (Green Lake)
🍿  Prep yourself for Halloween by watching a scary double feature (Queen Anne)
🗣  Ask your questions about surveillance in Seattle at this community forum (Downtown)

🎨  Tour a museum and see art about “séances, the occult, and primal human urges” (First Hill)
🎃  Watch “oddball video” and a “gruesome costume contest” at this Halloween party (Capitol Hill)
🎃  Celebrate the Fremont Troll’s birthday and celebrate women in history (Fremont)
💪  Hear how you can up your listening game at work at this Evergrey partner event (Pioneer Square)

💃  Kick off Diwali with Indian dance performances and Rangoli sand art (Bellevue)
🗣  Chat about how you’re affected by the opportunity gap with your neighbors — thanks for the tip, Bryan Garcia! (Mount Baker)
🍸  Sip a cocktail and “drunk dial Congress” about a topic important to you (Capitol Hill)
🎟  Honor indigenous resilience and cultural traditions for First Thursday (University District)
🍴  Slurp tea and learn about its traditions at this Evergrey partner event (Ballard)

👋  Remember loved ones at this Día de los Muertos celebration (Beacon Hill)
🍿  Get sultry and catch saucy films at the Hump! film festival — through Nov. 18 (Queen Anne)
🎟  Laugh it up at the Seattle International Comedy Competition— through Nov. 25 (All over)

🎨  Peruse aisles of comics and zines at the Short Run Comix Festival (Queen Anne)
🎶  Geek out about the Pacific Northwest’s hip-hop history (Central District)
💡  Team up with creative locals to tackle our world’s most pressing problems — thanks for the rec, Astghik Zakharyan! (Pioneer Square)
💪  Grab an apron and learn the basics of making chicken mole at this Evergrey partner event (Beacon Hill)

🎈  Play games and see performances celebrating Japanese culture (Central District)
🍿  Get nostalgic at this special showing of Sailor Moon R: The Movie (Capitol Hill)
👋  Oooh and aaah at gorgeous blooms at this orchid show (Blue Ridge)

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See you then, folks. ✌️ — The Evergrey

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