🏙 'What a farce'

🏙 'What a farce'

Thanks to readers Giuliana Isaksen, Sara Kiesler, Jordan Goldwarg, Carla Vikingstad, Ian S. King, Mellina White Cusack, and Janice Wright for sending us your Election Day reaction selfies.


We’re still waiting for all the ballots to be counted, but here are the results as of last night:

#1: Y’all turned out. So far 59.3 percent of voters submitted ballots in this midterm election compared to 54.4 percent in our 2014 midterm election. 🙌 Washington’s secretary of state, Kim Wyman, projected that number might go as high as 72 percent, which we haven’t seen since the 1970s.

#2: The carbon fee is likely dead. The fee, which would charge polluters for the carbon they emit, was opposed by about 56 percent of voters when The Seattle Times called it, saying that it was unlikely to bounce back. It would’ve been the first carbon fee in the nation.

#3: The Eastside looks like it’ll make history and go blue. Democrat Dr. Kim Schrier is leading Republican Dino Rossi with 53 percent of the vote. She’d be repping the 8th district, which includes eastern King and Pierce counties. And it’d be the first time a Democrat has ever represented that district.

#4: We took a step to fight police brutality. Initiative 940, which updates the way we prosecute cops who use deadly force, is passing with about 60 percent of the vote. The families of local police violence victims Charleena Lyles and Che Taylor backed the campaign.

#5: Gun reform’s a go. About 62 percent of Washingtonians voted in favor of passing some of our country’s strictest gun laws, including raising the minimum age to 21 to buy a semi-automatic weapon and requiring more background checks.

For updated results and more on other ballot measures, check out The Seattle Times’, KUOW’s, and KING 5’s election pages. And FYI, some votes are still being counted, so the exact margins might change.


‘What a farce.’ If there were an evil genius award, Amazon might have earned it this week. The company’s had everyone from major city officials to big-time journalists hanging on its every move since it announced a year ago that it was looking to start a second big headquarters somewhere outside Seattle. The anti-climactic conclusion? It’s planning to put the so-called “HQ2” near two cities – Washington, D.C. and New York City — where it already has plenty of employees, according to reports in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Mayor Jenny Durkan calls this good news for Seattle — we’ll still be its biggest hub! — but some suspect a bait and switch from Amazon, and a disingenuous data grab about what cities would do to draw it in. (GeekWire, The Seattle Times, The New York Times)

We’ve all wondered this: How can people who completely disagree on politics these days possibly be … married? Some coping strategies from Northwest couples: muting political ads, avoiding all political topics, and never ever talking about Mr. DJT. “I’ll be glad when the election is over,” Meredith Radford of Kirkland told the Times, “and things can calm down around the house.” (The Seattle Times)

Treat yourself. We deserve something indulgent after all this election madness. And Seattle magazine has tasted, chewed, and judged to round up the best bakeries in the city for bread, cookies, croissants, and more. Think you can do better? Sweet. Send your best pie recipe and the story behind it to [email protected] by next Wednesday and it might win their first-ever pie battle. Aprons on. 🍏 (Seattle magazine, Twitter)

A pint with a side of death. Kells in Pike Place Market is everything you want in a good Irish pub. Plus, it’s haunted. Kells sits in the old Butterworth Building, which was once home to a mortuary that had a “monopoly on the death industry in Seattle.” If you spot the ghost of an 8-year-old girl or a guy named Sammy, you won’t be the first. (Curbed Seattle)


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Voting may be our civic duty, but it’s not exactly easy to do all that research, fill out your ballot, and send it in.

So to everyone who did this democracy thing: Take your hand off your phone or trackpad, move it to your opposite shoulder, and give yourself a pat on the back. Then celebrate like our Sounders celebrated head-butting this soccer ball. ‘Cause it’s great to do big things alone, but it’s way cooler to do ‘em together. 🙌

Have a good one, all. — The Evergrey

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