🤔 What if we were more open about money?

🤔 What if we were more open about money?

GIVING BACK IS DELICIOUS. Kudos to our awesome group of volunteers for all their work prepping and serving meals to neighbors who really appreciated it. ♥️
(📸: Ana Sofia Knauf)

☝️ A big big shoutout to everyone who joined our volunteer field trip to FareStart to serve a yummy community dinner to more than 200 people, including FareStart students, grads, and their families and friends. FareStart trains locals struggling with poverty and homelessness for jobs in the food industry, and we had a blast helping the students get to know each other over a delicious meal.

Thanks to Annie Hoffman, Aster Max, Katrina Akioka, Dominique Barni, Therese Casper, Valentina Vitols, Heather Catalano, Ryan Bello, Kiel Stroupe, and Emily Okey for pitching in and donating some awesome door prizes. ♥️

We’ll be back at FareStart next Wednesday with more of you to help prepare Thanksgiving meals for our neighbors in shelters around the city. These volunteer spots filled up fast — which says a lot about how much you all care about your neighbors.

And on that note…


How much money do you make? Have you ever asked your friends about their salaries? What about your colleagues at work? Are these questions freaking you out right now?

For the first time ever, there are now more Seattle families making at least $200,000 than the number of families making less than $50,000, according to U.S. Census numbers analyzed by The Seattle Times.

That’s a big deal. And yet, we don’t really talk about how numbers like this affect us personally, or how they shape the ways we relate to our city. In fact, only about one in 10 Americans “would feel comfortable talking about how much they make at a dinner party,” and we’d rather discuss politics and religion over money.

We want to change that, and we want your help.

We’re looking for a handful of locals from diverse backgrounds to talk openly on camera about money: What’s your financial situation? What do you wish people who make more or less than you knew about it? What do you think we could learn if we were more open with each other about money?

We want to hear from folks who make a lot, a little, and everything in-between. If you’re into the idea and willing to talk candidly with us about this tricky and important thing, hit reply and let’s chat.

And now, let’s help you make some plans…


We’re looking forward to introducing you tonight to international students who are new in town and ready to make the most of their adopted home. So if you haven’t yet RSVP’d to our bar trivia night co-hosted with the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students, get on that here, then join your fellow Evergreyers at Optimism Brewing at 7 p.m.

And while you’re in the RSVP mood 😉, don’t forget to snag your spot at The Evergrey Turns 2 on Nov. 29. That’s our big second birthday bash, where we’ll also launch our Evergrey Giving Guide, made possible by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Have a good one, all.  — The Evergrey

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