🕷 Why we're kissing Spider-Man
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🕷 Why we're kissing Spider-Man

RULE THE WORLD. Congrats to our winning trivia team, “Let’s Get Fiucked Up!” From left: Carla Vikingstad, Tengku Harith, Alex Johnson, and Nina Huang. Want to say hey to all 10 trivia teams? Check out our Facebook album.
(📸: Mónica Guzmán)

Ten teams. Fifty people. Lots of head scratching and second-guessing. And a tiny sparkly top hat.

These are among the things we’ll remember from last night’s local/global bar trivia with FIUTS — the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students. We met folks from China, Switzerland, Lebanon, and Mexico. Squinted at maps of subway systems around the world. Got geekier about national flags than we ever thought possible. And in the end, we gave out prizes to the second-to-last place “Guardians of the Trivia,” the second-place “Girls Power,” and our grand champions, “Let’s Get Fiucked Up!” ☝️

Want to puzzle through some trivia with us? Try these stumpers (without looking ‘em up!), then check out the answers on our Instagram story:

  • What is the painting “La Gioconda” more commonly known as?
  • Which countries hosted the five most recent Winter Olympic Games?
  • Which came first — the Columbia Tower or the Fremont Troll?
  • And whose Medina mega-home is worth more: the one owned by Bill Gates, or the one owned by Jeff Bezos?

Big big thanks to everyone who joined us on a Monday night (check out the team pics), and to Samantha Novak of FIUTS for reaching out about co-hosting the event, rocking the trivia emcee gig, and sporting that top hat like a pro. 😎

Want to get to know international students in Seattle? Consider hosting someone for Thanksgiving dinner or becoming a homestay host yourself. Missed this chance to hang out with Evergreyers? RSVP ASAP to The Evergrey Turns 2, our big second birthday bash where we’ll also launch the Evergrey Giving Guide, made possible by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Want to help out at the event? Fill out this quick form and we’ll be in touch. 🎉

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How much for those Seahawks? We haven’t been quite sure what’s ahead for our Seattle Seahawks since the team’s owner, Paul Allen, died last month. Now three things are looking likely: 1) Paul Allen’s estate will sell the team to new owners — though not immediately, 2) the Seahawks will stay in Seattle, according to NFL head honcho Roger Goodell, and 3) the eventual sale “could set a record” for the priciest North American pro sports franchise — with the proceeds going to the Paul Allen Foundation. Stay tuned, sports fans. 🏈 (NFL.com, The Seattle Times)

‘I’ve had a hard time making close friends.’ It’s never easy to settle into a new city. And when that new city is Seattle, some people think it’s real tough. “Any other somewhat isolated tech transplants out there?” one local wrote on Reddit. The responses range from nods (“Oh 100%”) to tips (“Have you tried a Kickball league at Underdog Sports?”) to this candid take on a tension in our city: “As much as I try super hard to be an awesome person,” wrote one commenter, “the changes to this city and the dwindling opportunities available to anyone who isn’t a tech transplant make it very hard for me to set aside my bias and be welcoming.” Want to join in and help? Leave your tip in the thread → (Reddit)

Saving our orcas. Our resident pods of orcas is in serious trouble, and few people know more about why than Seattle Times reporter Lynda Mapes. Curious about why the whales are starving, even though orcas who live to the north are doing fine? Find a comfy seat, a cup of something soothing, and about 15 minutes to read this deep local dive into what’s going on. (The Seattle Times)

A week in Seattle on an $85k salary. This Money Diaries series has been laying out what real people around the country spend dollars on in their daily lives. Yesterday’s entry comes from a 23-year-old software engineer who splits an $1,840 rent with her boyfriend, owes nothing in student loans, and puts away $2,000 a month. She also really loves watching “Drake & Josh” on Hulu. 📺 (Refinery 29)

Speaking of money… Thanks to everyone who’s already reached out to say they’re up for having a candid, on-camera convo about money. We’re looking for folks who have a little, a lot, and everything in-between to help us spark a conversation in our city. Want to join in? Hit reply to this newsletter and let us know.

Things to do


🔬  TODAY: Dig into the science behind anxiety and depression at this Foundation event at Pacific Science Center (Fremont)

✊  Wednesday, Nov. 14: Find your purpose and let it drive you at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)

🎨  Tuesday, Nov. 20: Paint your own holiday ornaments while supporting kids in foster care at this Foundation workshop. (Fremont)


🎶  Grab some tacos and listen to the Seattle Ladies Choir (Ballard) — thanks to Charity Gourley for the rec!
👋  Mix and mingle with fellow creatives at this super casual monthly event (Downtown)
💡  Learn how social media is widening our political and ideological divides (Capitol Hill)
💡  Get nerdy about anxiety and depression at this Evergrey partner event (Fremont)

🍴  Eat around Seattle to support the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (All over) — thanks for the rec, Tara Clark!
🍻  Soak up science about mussels, bacteria, and nano-drones (Capitol Hill)
💡  Listen to writer Francis Fukuyama talk about the ‘politics of resentment’ (Capitol Hill)
💪  Learn how your purpose can lead you at this Evergrey partner event (Pioneer Square)

🛍  Steal ideas for your big day from this fake wedding show (Pioneer Square)
💡  Sip a glass of wine and learn how your DNA can solve a murder (South Lake Union)
🗣  Listen to your neighbors’ stories about unexpected gratitude (Capitol Hill)
🎟  Glam it up at Community Drag Bingo (Georgetown)

💡  Take the ferry to an actual real-life ghost conference (Port Gamble)
🎶  Watch a laser light show set to Pearl Jam tunes (Queen Anne)
🍴  Sample deliciousness from local female chefs and mixologists (Downtown)

🗣  Hear inspiring talks from your neighbors at TEDxSeattle (Queen Anne) — thanks to Berrak Sarikaya for the rec!
🏞  Join a food drive scavenger hunt by bike at Cranksgiving (SoDo)
🍴  Gobble up the goods at this rad Seattle food show (Belltown)
🍻  Look ridiculously adorable at this epic onesie bar crawl (Pioneer Square)
🎨  Mingle with authors and create your book bucket list at Holiday Bookfest (Phinney Ridge) — thanks to Jennie Shortridge for the rec!

🎈  Go Nordic for the holidays at Julefest (Ballard)
🎈  Burn off pre-holiday calories at this 5-10K run/walk (Green Lake)
🎨  Dive into the work of black Seattle artists at Pacific Northwest Afro X (Central District)

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to [email protected] or tag #theevergrey on Instagram. Learn what our emojis mean here, see more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with an Evergrey membership. Is an event sold out? Hit reply to let us know and we’ll update the listing in tomorrow’s newsletter.


If you’re one of the legions of comics geeks who are really gonna miss Marvel Comics master Stan Lee, who died yesterday at 95, you might want to plan a stop at our Museum of Pop Culture this week. Its big “Marvel: Universe of Superheroes” exhibit is still going, and the upside-down kiss tributes with their Spider-Man — just one of the icons Stan gave us — are worth re-creating.

Excelsior! — The Evergrey

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