🙄 Coming to Seattle in 3818

🙄 Coming to Seattle in 3818

They take us sleepy workers through the city every day and help us home after late nights. Bus drivers are basically superheroes, dontcha think? Thanks for tagging #theevergrey, Susan Lieu!

We’ve been shouting out a bunch of our thoughtful neighbors lately — a sporty fist-bumper and a fierce human rights advocate, to name just a couple — and we wanted to share reader Susan Fee’s story about a bus driver who reminded her to be the friend she’s hoping to meet…


By reader Susan Fee, originally read at the Fresh Ground Stories storytelling event

She had me at Care Bears. I’ve commuted to work by bus for over a year, riding the #545 from Seattle to Redmond three times a week. In that time, I’ve never had a driver display Care Bears on the front dash with their little friendly faces peering out the window.

“Welcome! It’s good to see you! Hope you’re having a great day!” Bonnie, the bus driver greeted every new passenger with booming enthusiasm. I know her name is Bonnie because when I took my seat near the front, I read the messages she had written on the black electrical box and first four front passenger widows.

“My name is Bonnie, welcome to my bus!” said one message in neon pink and green marker. Another let us know that feedback was welcomed and provided a number to text. A different message wished us all a happy day, underscored with smiley faces. I smiled too.

I had been in this woman’s presence for less than a minute and I wanted nothing more than for Care Bear Bonnie to be my new best friend. Because, the truth is, I’ve been kind of lonely. After a 25-year-absence, I’m back home in my native city. Not only has Seattle changed, it’s changed me in ways I didn’t expect. I didn’t think it would be that hard for an extrovert like me to meet new people and make meaningful connections. It’s not until I watched Bonnie put herself out there that I realized I’ve stopped.

“Have a good night!” Bonnie says goodbye to exiting passengers with the same level of exuberance she had [when she] greeted them. Some people look startled; others appear annoyed at the level of interaction. Undeterred, Bonnie checks her mirrors, surveys the crowd, and then plays recorded messages that I’d never heard. We are reminded to keep our cell phone conversations to a minimum so as not to disturb others. Soon, we are asked keep windows closed to maintain climate control. Heads turn to find the offending passenger.

As we merge onto I-5, Bonnie picks up the microphone. In a mashup between a Duck
Boat tour and an Argosy cruise, she announces, “Good evening everyone! My name is Bonnie, so glad to have you on board! Our next stop is Seattle, so sit back and relax. On your right you’ll notice South Lake Union. Look at that view!” And I look, because I want to see Seattle the way Bonnie does – the way I used to before being met with polite indifference.

I walk home that night determined to be as bold as Bonnie. I decide that I’m going to thank her the following night on my ride home. But, I’ve never seen her again. It was one magical bus ride that inspired me to take a chance again.

So here it goes: Hello, Seattle. My name is Susan. Want to be friends?

Want to take Susan up on her personal challenge to connect with strangers, a.k.a. future friends? Reach her on Twitter at @SpeakerSusanFee. Send us your kudos to a fellow local here. Love good vibes and celebrating people doing awesome things for our city? Join us next Thursday as we celebrate our second birthday and the launch of the Evergrey Giving Guide, made possible by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


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Now let’s get basted. 🦃 — The Evergrey

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