🎧 Music memories at Seattle's venues

🎧 Music memories at Seattle's venues

Seen on Capitol Hill

📝 Venue History and Fun Facts

The Moore
Who performed here: Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, the original rock opera “Tommy,” Jeff Tweedy, Ali Wong, Wanda Sykes
Fun facts and history:
🔘 Opened in 1907 making it the oldest operating theater in Seattle
🔘 In 1975 it became the “The Moore Egyptian” and was used primarily to show films, it also was the first venue for the Seattle International Film Festival
🔘 Returned to its original name and was restored by Ida Cole, a former Microsoft executive in 1992

The Paramount
Who performed here: Bob Marley and the Wailers, the Kinks, Bruce Springsteen, Dionne Warwick, Fleetwood Mac, Lily Tomlin, Robin Williams
Fun facts and history:
🔘 Originally called the Seattle Theatre, it hosted a mix of films, plays, and vaudeville shows when it first opened in 1928
🔘 Ida Cole bought The Paramount in 1993 and restored it as she did The Moore Theatre

The Neptune
Who performed here: Mark Lanegan, Lizzo, Big Thief
Fun facts and history:
🔘 Originally named the U-Neptune Theatre and opened in 1921
🔘 At one point had the largest Kimball Theater Pipe Organ on the Pacific Coast
🔘 Transformed into a performing arts venue by STG in 2011

The Crocodile
Who performed here:
Nirvana, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Yoko Ono, Green Day, Beastie Boys, The Strokes, Death Cab for Cutie, Snoop Dogg
Fun facts and history:
The location used to be a Greek restaurant that occasionally hosted rock shows in the ’80s, it opened as The Crocodile in 1991
🔘 Was at the center of the grunge movement happening in the city, Nirvana and Pearl Jam performed “secret shows” at The Crocodile
🔘 Featured in the Seattle-set film “Singles”

The Showbox at the Market
Who performed here:
Duke Ellington, Pearl Jam, Muddy Waters, Coldplay, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Lady Gaga
Fun facts and history:
🔘 Opened in 1939 as a nightclub and movie theater
🔘 In 1946 Kern’s Music Shop opened and it became a hub for both musicians and music fans, Quincy Jones reportedly bought his “first” horn there

Who performed here:
Adele, Oasis, Vampire Weekend, Goo Goo Dolls, Muse, The Shins, Diplo, Fleet Foxes
Fun facts and history:
🔘 Originally opened as Moe’s Mo’Roc’N Cafe in 1994 and re-opened in 2003 as “Neumos” pronounced “New Moe’s” as a nod to the original iteration of the venue

🎵 Music Venue Memories

To see these pictures you can check out our post here.

What Local Music Lowdown artists said…

Falon Sierra: “My favorite venue is Neumos, it’s just my spot. I am always on the hill so whenever I can book Neumos I get really excited. I also like low key house shows, the vibe is super chill and the music is always good.”

Chong the Nomad: “Always had a soft spot for Neumos! Played one of my first “big” shows there and have had my most memorable ones there as well. There’s something really special about being familiar with a venue like that. Not quite like a second home, but a close friend’s house. Also a big fan of Barboza, The Sunset Tavern, and Showbox at the Market.”

Black Ends: “My favorite venue I’ve played is probably the Sunset [Tavern]—I just fucking love that place, it’s so welcoming. House shows are probably my favorite way to see shows honestly. They just have an incredible energy I can’t really describe.”

Danny Denial: “I’m pretty sure I’ve played every local venue. But there’s something about the Cha Cha under Bimbo’s Cantina on the hill, where every time I play there it’s an otherworldly experience. It’s small but feels packed with love and excitement.”

What you said…

Liz J.: “Deep Sea Diver is my favorite local band, they’ve played all over town. They just released a great album and the first two videos feature local venues. This first one is inside the Neptune Theatre, I nearly cried when I saw the inside, I miss it so much. This second one is a tribute to our closed venues all over the country and this time I cried the whole way through.”

Katie M.: “Jazz Vox — run by Nich Anderson — created small intimate concerts in people’s homes for artists that are in the jazz/pop realm. My all-time favorite musician is Gabe Dixon. I had the pleasure of seeing the last two JazzVox shows.

Danielle G.: “Once a month, downstairs in the Grotto of the Rendezvous in Belltown, back around 2014-16, there was a magical show run by a sweetheart of a man, Jeffrey Robert, called “The Gay Uncle Time.”

One Wednesday each month he would enter that dark small basement room absolutely packed with a boisterous crowd. “The Gay Uncle Time” was a beautiful place where everyone was welcome…Jeffrey and his show live on in my heart. I still have lifelong friends I made at that show and I miss that basement in the Rendezvous more than I can say. That was Seattle for me.”

Natalie P.: In late 2018, I was at a show at the Tractor Tavern seeing the alt-country band Flatland Cavalry. At some point during their set, the power in downtown Ballard went out…since there was no electricity, the band exited the stage. They came back a few minutes later with acoustic instruments and started leading the crowd in sing-alongs of their songs as well as some old favorites (I’m sure “Take Me Home, Country Roads” was in there). It was a lovely moment of lightness created from the blackout – and made me so appreciate the magic that our local music venues create

On what losing local venues would mean…

Marian Thrasher (STG Archive and Gallery): “[It] would be historic on multiple levels, because it serves as an outlet for people to break away from their everyday life and enjoy something that is mindless. I think for any entertainment venue of that magnitude, it would have an extremely detrimental effect not only on the economy of the state but for the well-being of the community itself.”

Evan Johnson (Talent Booker for Neumos): “If Neumos were to shut down I think there would be just such a defeated feeling across Capitol Hill, across Seattle, music lovers in general because of how often people are seeing their favorite bands at Neumos — a small environment that’s kind of this once in a lifetime experience.”

🤘 How to support live music

Whether or not you’re a fan of attending concerts — we get it, they can be overwhelming and very sweaty — venues across the country are proving to be more than just a music destination but pillars of their cities’ community and history.

There are multiple ongoing efforts to support local venues across the country and specifically here in Washington. Here are some links to find out how to help:

Save Our Stages: The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) has an Emergency Relief Fund which directly supports some of the most vulnerable venues. They most recently held a 3-day virtual music festival to raise money for the fund and spread awareness about the situation. Through their site, you can donate to their relief fund, contact Congress, and buy merch to support their efforts.

Keep Music Live WA: Similar to NIVA, Keep Music Live is focused on saving local venues but they’re specifically focusing on those in Washington state. They’re hoping to raise more than $10 million to provide venues financial support. Make a donation through their site and stay up to date with their newsletter.

Seattle Theatre Group: The nonprofit which runs The Moore, Neptune, and Paramount theaters is asking for donations through their site. The book, “Seattle’s Paramount Theatre From Birth to Rebirth and Beyond” by author and historian M. Lynn Thrasher is a comprehensive history of the Paramount and all revenue goes to STG’s Archive and Gallery.

Tim’s Tavern: Earlier this month, the Greenwood dive bar held a virtual music fest to raise money to save the venue. People can still donate to their efforts as well as buy merch and sign up for their Patreon.

The Crocodile: The venue has a special “Here We Are Now” employee benefit shirt available on their online store. Proceeds will go directly to their employee fund.

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