Seattle is now home to the two richest people in the whole wide world

It’s tough to keep up with everything moving and shaking in your city. Luckily, you’ve got us. Here are a few things to know from the week.

> See you in court, Trump. Our mayor and governor are not letting up when it comes to protecting our region’s undocumented immigrants. On Wednesday, the city sued the Trump administration. Why? Trump says he won’t give federal dollars to cities unless they help the feds track down undocumented immigrants. Seattle says it won’t do that. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to pull federal funding from “sanctuary cities” like ours on Tuesday, and Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine just weren’t having it. Meanwhile, all eyes are on Daniel Ramirez Medina. He’s a “Dreamer” (read: undocumented immigrant who got some protection against deportation under Obama because he came over as a kid) who was arrested last month. Daniel was released Wednesday while lawyers continue to deliberate his fate. Dreamers across the country are watching closely. What happens to Daniel could happen to them.

> Coffee, flannel, grunge, money. Dollar signs seem to accompany more and more of our big stories lately. This week we learned that the median single family home price in Seattle hit a new record high — $675,000. And guess what else went up? Jeff Bezos’ net worth. The Amazon CEO went from being the third richest person in the world to the second richest when Amazon’s stock rose this week, adding $1.5 billion to Jeff’s fortune. What’s he going to go with all that money? For starters, he and his family handed Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Research Center a $35 million donation yesterday — the largest Fred Hutch has ever seen. Bill Gates is still at the top of the billionaire list, in case you’re wondering. So yes: That makes our city home to the two richest people in the whole wide world.

> Keep that champagne cool. There might be two big reasons to pop the cork soon. Spokane’s Gonzaga University plays South Carolina tomorrow afternoon in the Final Four of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. And Bertha — that big, bad tunnel boring machine that’s been carving dirt under our city for three-plus years — is due to emerge any day now. She’s just 188 feet from the finish line, a big pit a few blocks from the Space Needle. But if she’s ready to break through tomorrow, she may want to wait a day to be taken seriously. It is April Fool’s, after all.