Where are the best spots to snap sunset photos around Seattle?

Summer brings out the best in Seattle — frozen treats, hikes near and far, and our stunning sunsets.

We have plenty of amazing spots to take photos of the skies — like Golden Gardens, Gas Works Park, and the appropriately-named Sunset Hill Park. But which ones are irresistibly photogenic? We reached out to some local photographers to learn a little more about their favorite spots around Puget Sound…

THE CLASSIC: Kerry Park in Queen Anne

Kerry Park. (📸: @amandaswildlifepics)

“[To] date, Kerry Park is my most favorite place for sunsets, with added bonus views of the Olympics from the [nearby] Betty Bowen Viewpoint.”
Sid Gupta, a.k.a. @euvrephotography

“[It] is wonderful for Seattle skyline sunsets with Mt Rainier (on clear days).”
Amanda Thornton-Dewitt, a.k.a. @amandaswildlifepics

UP HIGH: Columbia Tower’s Skyview Observatory in Pioneer Square

Skyview Observatory. (📸: @alex.farrell.photo)

“I have captured one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen looking out to the north — and I have been able to take some amazing detail shots of all the different buildings you can see from 73 floors up. … Even during those extremely cold and rainy months during the winter (when standing out in the cold and wet just doesn’t seem appealing) you can still capture something really cool without freezing.”
Alex Farrell, a.k.a. @alex.farrell.photo

DOWN SOUTH: Jefferson Park Viewpoint in Beacon Hill

Jefferson Park Viewpoint. (📸: @hola_moto)

“This is secretly my favorite spot. You still get the skyline, Sound and Olympics. Also, the upper level of the driving range at Jefferson offers a great view!”
Matt Johnson, a.k.a. @hola_moto

Alki Beach in West Seattle

Alki Beach. (📸: @alex.farrell.photo)

“Capturing the entire city skyline from across the water is so amazing. You will witness ferry boats commuting passengers between Seattle and other island destinations, really cool container ships bringing in goods into the Port of Seattle, and if, you’re lucky, some cute sea life.”

“Seattle skyline, stars, and even northern lights (during perfect conditions with very strong storming) can be seen above Seattle from here.”

Jose Rizal Bridge in Beacon Hill

Jose Rizal Bridge. (📸: @rynkwng)

“The best place to shoot sunsets in Seattle is 12th Ave bridge. It provides a great composition that includes lines of curves of the freeway, light trails from the cars, and the beautiful skyline of Seattle.”
Ryan Wang, a.k.a. @rynkwng

“I like this spot because you get an unobstructed view of the skyline, Sound and the Olympics. Bonus is the traffic to get some long exposure shots. To me, the bridge is the best spot, but with the increase in crowds I’ll head up to the park or even down to the dog park.”


Edmonds Marina. (📸: @jenennap)

Marina Beach [in Edmonds] has beautiful mountain views and quiet spots to sit and enjoy. I [recently] went to Richmond Beach Saltwater Park [in Shoreline] for the first time and it is going to be a go-to for me all summer. There are many views of Puget Sound and a stunning spot to sit and watch the sunset.”
Jenna Pratt, a.k.a. @jenennap


Everett Marina. (📸: @euvrephotography)

Everett Marina at Anthony’s Home Port [because] I love boats. Beautiful sun when it sets behind those gorgeous boats, [which] makes the scene very unique and serene. Warm summer night or cold crispy evenings, this place never disappoints.”

Want to up your camera game?

Alex had a couple photo tips to share:

  • Use a circular polarizer to cut out the glare off the water.
  • A telephoto lens will allow you to achieve a zoomed in look at certain section of the skyline.

Planning to check these places out? Be sure to tag #theevergrey on all your pics or email them to [email protected] so we can swoon over them.