Seattle Dollars: A Seattle drop-in yoga class costs on average $18.27

As part of our #SeattleDollars series, we’re highlighting surprising stats about our city and state.

167. That’s the number of yoga studios in the Greater Seattle area that are focused primarily on yoga and have more than one person teaching classes, according to Othmane Rahmouni of Seattle Yoga News. It’s a number that rivals the total number of Starbucks coffee shops in the city — more than 150 in Seattle, said a Starbucks spokesperson.

You might think that if Seattleites have access to 167 yoga studios, the supply might push down the cost of a Seattle yoga class, but that hasn’t happened, as far as Othmane can tell. Demand is high and people seem to be willing to pay, he says.

Othmane runs Seattle Yoga News, which he launched three years ago to track all-things-Seattle-yoga. He recently ran some numbers and found that the average cost of a drop-in yoga class in Seattle is $18.27. That’s roughly in line with national averages – 84 percent of yoga studios are charging $10 to $25 per drop-in class, according to the 2016 Yoga in America Study.

Because many yoga studios have different pricing packages, Othmane created a mathematical formula – his own yoga pricing index, to be exact – to create the best possible apples-to-apples comparison.

“We wanted to enable the ability to find the most affordable yoga studios and sort results based on affordability,” he said.

So Othmane created this handy interactive tool here.

He also found that the average cost of a 10 class pass in Seattle is $146.52. And the average cost of a monthly unlimited membership? It’s about $120, but varies a bit depending on how you calculate it, he says. (The average of all the lowest prices is $111.68 and the highest is $129.77).

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