Video: Afraid you no longer belong in Seattle? Here’s what you told us that feels like

How do you fight for a city that feels like it’s slipping away? Last week we asked you to share what most worries you about Seattle’s growth. A lot of you opened up and did just that, in response to our video featuring Seattle natives and transplants getting real about the challenges.

Many of you worry about the city’s policies and plans. But for some of you, it’s a lot more personal: You’re afraid your city doesn’t have a place for you anymore.

In your own words…

  • “I work at the UW in what used to be a decent paying job, but now I’m stuck, renting a one bedroom in Edmonds, living paycheck to paycheck. If rent keeps going the way it’s going, in another year or two I won’t be able to afford to live here, but I can’t afford to move either. Probably won’t have any family or friends I can move in with by that time, so not really sure what will happen to me.” — Ryan Chaddick
  • “I’m a native along with many of my middle class friends. We’ve all been pushed out of our homes/apartments due to increased rents. It’s pretty sad but I realize that I can’t keep up with the growth, and instead of complain too much, I’ll just leave and find a new less populated city to call my own. Seattle is very cool but you go where you fit. And sadly I just don’t fit here anymore.” — Sarah Jane Scherer
  • “As a [person of color], I am not feeling welcomed in my own city. I was born and raised here and I now struggle to see what I thought of as my community. … We have very few remnants of the past and that’s really a problem. We have grown too fast, without a plan or the humanity to think about the impacts of our growth. Sure, I enjoy the restaurants and … well that’s about it. Right now this is not a great place to live.” — Patricia Murphy

Thanks to everyone who spoke up. If there’s a way to grow this city that honors not just what Seattle can be, but the best of what it’s already been, we bet we can find it. We have to.

Big thanks to Seattle CityClub for sponsoring our video series and helping us have this conversation. Check out the Civic Health Index for more on how we all get along, and stay tuned for the final video in our native/transplant series next week.