Listen to 14 podcasts launched by creative Seattleites

Seattle is well known for its vibrant music scene — everyone from Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana to Shabazz Palaces and The Postal Service. But another kind of performer is also making waves in our city: podcasters.

Marlo Mack talks about the beauty and societal struggles of raising a transgender daughter. Friends Nicholas Patri and Joey Glocke tap into Seattle’s craft beer craze. Yesterday we spotlighted 10 of the Seattle-iest podcast episodes. Now, here’s the lowdown on these and other brilliant podcasters who live in our city…

1. For when you need some career inspiration.

Podcast: Success Bully
Episode: Episode 17: Start the Thing
Length: 10:00
Background: Success Bully host Keita H. Williams calls herself “a professional butt-kicker” and she’s here to inspire and motivate you. In fact, two Evergrey readers were inspired to recommend the podcast to us. Keita describes this episode’s interview with entrepreneur Sarah Blankinship as “a battle cry and challenge.”

2. For when you’re trying to make Seattle your own.

Podcast: Enjoy Seattle
Episode: Episode 7: Learning to Listen in Seattle, Safety of a Toddler, and Molly Moon’s Democratic Homemade Ice Cream
Length: 29:55
Background: This is hosted by Sally Lee and Catherine Baker, two Seattle transplants trying to make this city their home. In this episode, they talk with ice cream goddess Molly Moon-Neitzel of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. Their opening song alone is enough to put a little pep in your step.

3. For when you’re trying to lighten your carbon footprint.

Podcast: terrestrial
Episode: Would you compost your body?
Length: 16:44
Background: Host and KUOW environmental reporter Ashley Ahearn travels around the country for “stories about people making personal choices in the face of environmental change.” In this episode, Ashley looks at what we do with our bodies after we die.

4. For when you want to find community with your LGBTQ neighbors

Podcast: How to be a Girl
Episode: Episode I: Mama, I’m a Girl
Length: 7:16
Background: Marlo Mack, a single Seattle mom, chronicles her life and conversations that come up as she raises her transgender daughter, M. This whole series — 20 episodes so far — is worth watching. We recommend starting at the beginning.


5. For when you’re curious/worried about how fast Seattle’s growing.

Podcast: Seattle Growth Podcast
Episode: A Former Mayor’s Perspective on Seattle’s Growth
Length: 31:10
Background: Seattle’s growing fast, and that brings up plenty of issues for a podcast to tackle. In this episode, host and University of Washington marketing professor Jeff Shulman gets former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn’s thoughts on our booming city.

6. For when you’re on that job search grind

Podcast: Career Cue
Episode: E022: Amplify Your Brand with Mel Carson
Length: 49:32
Background: Hosts and business whizzes Danna Redmond, Stacy Harris, and Dave Nelson want to help you navigate your work life. A couple Evergrey readers told us this episode about building your personal brand is good for anybody, job-seeker or not.

7. For when you want to learn about the Vietnamese-American experience.

Second Wave
Episode: Pho
Length: 19:34
Background: KUOW’s Second Wave podcast, hosted by former Seattle Times editorial board member Thanh Tan, tells the story of the Vietnamese-American refugee experience. Here’s what KUOW producer Amina Al-Sadi had to say about it: “I’m the child of an immigrant and when I heard about this podcast I was like FINALLY!!! A podcast that represents the struggle of living between two cultures!”

8. For when you want to find community with other people of color.

Podcast: Hella Black Hella Seattle
Episode: HBHS Mix Tape itstr3nt
Length: 1:05:24
Background: Childhood friends Eula Scott Bynoe, Alaina Caldwell, and Jasmine Jackson want to help connect fellow black and brown Seattleites with our city. They share local events and shine a spotlight on notable Seattleites of color. In this episode, the trio of friends kick back with local DJ Itstr3nt.


9. For when the barrage of “alternative facts” becomes too much.

Podcast: Trust Issues
Episode: Girls Ruin the World
Length: 34:35
Background: Friends and Stranger reporters Sydney Brownstone and Heidi Groover dissect conspiracy theories, fake news sources, and more to figure out why people believe what they believe. In this episode, Sydney and Heidi try to untangle a YouTube theory that women’s sexual agency is making western civilization crumble.

10. For when you’re craving a cold one

Podcast: Cold Cans Podcast
Episode: Episode 4: Rainier
Length: 15:38
Background: This podcast is hosted by Nicholas Patri and Joey Glocke, two Seattle dudes who drink and review beers. When we spotted this episode on Rainier, we couldn’t resist. And we actually learned some stuff. Cheers!

11. For when you want to understand local politics

Podcast: You, Me, Us, Now with Mike McGinn
Episode: Kshama Sawant, Socialist City Council Member. “Fight the Power!”
Length: 45:00
Background: One of Seattle’s former mayors hosts a podcast featuring local change-makers. In this episode Mike talks shop with Kshama Sawant, the first socialist elected to our city council.

12. For when you’re missing your college besties

Podcast: Ear Goggles
Episode: When I’m Down with Trae Crowder – Episode #622
Length: 1:24:20
Background: Brothers Jeremy and Aaron and their friend Stacy call themselves the “three best friends that anybody could have,” and listening to them makes it pretty obvious why. This episode interviews “Liberal redneck” Trae Crowder and reflects on Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s impact on Seattle.

13. For when you’re feeling saucy

Podcast: Hot Mic with Dan Savage
Episode: Best Laid Plans
Length: 37:26
Background: Sex columnist and The Stranger editor-at-large Dan Savage’s sex talks are Seattle staples, and you can hear them on Hot Mic and on his other podcast, Savage Love. Hot Mic’s jingle lilts “let’s sit back and listen to other people talk about sex,” and that’s exactly what you get. This episode “Best Laid Plans” features tales about losing one’s virginity.


14. For when you’re behind on the news.

Podcast: Week in Review
Episode: Election roundup, #MeToo in Olympia
Length: 52:18
Background: Every Friday KUOW’s Bill Radke hosts a panel of local important people and experts to debrief on what’s happening in the news. If you want to get a taste of what the conversations are usually like, check out last week’s discussion about sexual assault allegations against Olympia leaders in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Don’t see your fave episode? Send us your favorite local podcast episode of all time and why you think all Seattleites should listen to it at [email protected] and we’ll check it out.