Take a walk: The 4 best Seattle spots to explore on foot

Ever just want to go for a walk? The (anonymous) woman behind the hilarious @seattlewalkreport Instagram account walks 4 to 12 miles almost every day — just for fun. She notices all kinds of things. Like this misspelling in the Central District…

It’s actually Y-E-S-L-E-R. (📸: Seattle Walk Report)

These are her recs for the best tucked away outdoor spots that a whole subculture of Seattle walkers appreciate.


— By @seattlewalkreport

1. Louisa Boren Lookout

1606 15th Ave E. on Capitol Hill

“On a clear day, this tiny park provides a lovely view without the selfie-taking swarms of some of the more well-known destinations.”

2. South Ship Canal Trail

2 S Ship Canal Trail in Fremont by Lawton Park

“Across the water from the Burke-Gilman Trail, South Ship Canal takes you through areas both natural and industrial. I enjoy starting at the Fremont Bridge and taking it down to the Ballard Locks.”

3. Jose Rizal Bridge

Photographers LOVE the view from the Jose Rizal Bridge. Thanks to @hollenbackphotography, @travelingbhat, @rynkwng, and @hola_moto for tagging #theevergrey on Instagram.

Dr. Jose P Rizal Bridge by Judkins Park

“This bridge provides a unique angle of downtown and SoDo on one side and the Judkins Park neighborhood and beyond on the other.”

4. I-5 Colonnade

1701 Lakeview Blvd E. in Eastlake

“A paradise of dirt and concrete energizing space beneath a major highway. What more could you want?! If you make your way down towards Lake Union afterwards, there are a ton of mini-parks. My favorite is the aptly-named Good Turn Park, where you can sit and quietly contemplate how you’ll never own a boat.”

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