Seattleisms: Pike Place Market

A few weeks ago, we re-upped an old series we called “Seattleisms,” where we break down words and phrases that help you sound like a local. (If you missed that newsletter, you can find it here.)

We asked what words and phrases we should do next, and one of the most common responses was the one and only Pike Place Market.

Let us break it down for you.

What is it? A public farmers market that first started in 1907. Millions of people flock to the market every year to purchase farm-fresh goods, crafts from local artists, and to experience one of the country’s oldest continuously run farmers markets.

People who add an ‘s’ to Pike Place Market immediately stand out as newbies to the city and will be quickly reprimanded by the nearest local within earshot. The market is named after the street it’s on Pike Place, not Pike’s Place. It is also acceptable to call Pike Place Market simply, “the Market.”

Known for: There are a number of vendors and small businesses in the market that have been serving the people of Seattle and all its visitors for decades.

Pike Place Market Seattle Pikes Place Market

Here are just four of the market’s oldest institutions and why you should check them out on your next trip:

Fun fact: The “Original Starbucks” at 1912 Pike Place isn’t actually the coffee chain’s first location. The original store first opened at 2000 Western Ave., but relocated in 1976 to where it is today.

Usage: “Wanna go to the Market and grab some BBQ pork buns?”