Seattle’s big Women’s March and 14 things to do this week

Happy Monday, all. Here’s what we’ve got going on this week:

Listen to more words from MLK: Hear local community leaders read Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” (Town Hall Seattle)

Check out a public reading of “Conflict Is Not Abuse:” It’s a new book by author Sarah Schulman that “examines the moment where discomfort leads to overreaction in personal relations, in group dynamics, between governments and civilians, and between nations.” Seems timely. (Downtown Seattle)

Or: Hear local perspectives on the role of race in policing. South Seattle Emerald founder Marcus Green will moderate a panel of local leaders to talk about why only half of Washingtonians believe that race affects the use of police force. (Central District)

Learn the basics of how to get politically active: In the wake of the election, community advocacy group What’s Next wants to help more Seattleites amplify their voices. (Capitol Hill)

Or: Dance it off. Need to relieve some stress? Check out this dance party where it sounds like any dance moves go. (Beacon Hill)

Poke fun at academia: Bob Roseth, who was for years a spokesman for the University of Washington, will talk about his new satirical thriller, “Ivy is a Weed,” and the genre (it’s a genre?) of academic satire. Thanks to reader Morton Kondracke for the rec. (Downtown)

Watch the inauguration: As is tradition, Town Hall Seattle will live stream the inauguration live Friday morning. (Town Hall Seattle)

Learn how you can support local immigrants: The city is hosting a free training for anybody who wants to learn how they can help local immigrants in light of potential policy changes under the Trump administration. (Lower Queen Anne)

Join a community flashmob: The Rainier Dance Center and the Rainier Beach Community Center are inviting their neighbors to watch or dance in a flashmob dedicated to love and diversity. (Rainier Beach)

Eat ice cream while reflecting on the last few months and the next four years: The Evergrey invites you to come together Friday evening to make connections and have conversations that help you think through where you fit in this moment for your country and your city. There’ll be food, drinks, and free Molly Moon’s ‘Baracky Road’ ice cream. Don’t miss it. (Downtown Seattle)

For more Inauguration Day events, check out the list we’ve put together here. Tell us what else we should add at [email protected].

Join the Women’s March on Seattle: Nearly 40,000 people on Facebook have said they’ll be attending the Seattle version of the national Women’s March, making it the third largest women’s march in the country. Here are more details from The Seattle Times’ Christine Clarridge. (Judkins Park in the Central District)

Or: Watch them fly through the air with the greatest of ease — the students from Emerald City Trapeze! The school of circus arts will show off their best tricks at this free circus show. (SoDo)

Climb some rocks. There’ll be free rock climbing Sunday evening at the University of Washington’s Intramural Activities Building. All supplies provided – just bring your socks. (University of Washington)

Going to one of these events? We’d love to hear how it goes. Send us your thoughts and maybe a pic to [email protected] and we’ll share it back with everybody.