Seattle fall coffee shop drinks that are not pumpkin spice lattes

There’s clouds and rain in the forecast every day this week. That means it’s fall. And that means that our coffee-loving city will soon be drowning in pumpkin spice lattes.

But for those of us who crave variety in our fall beverages, there’s hope. We called up more than a dozen indie coffee shops in the city to ask about their fall drink specials, and while many told us about PSLs and another favorite – spiced cider – four spots told us they had something a little different:

    1. “The Snickerdoodle” at The Station in Beacon Hill. It’s not on the menu, but don’t let that stop you, says owner Leona Rodriguez. The Snickerdoodle uses vanilla flavoring and real cinnamon in the milk, and it’s one of her favorites for the season. (We tasted it yesterday and it IS delicious). Want something with a little more kick? The Station is known for its spicy Mexican Mochas.
    2. “The Chaider” at El Diablo Coffee Co. in Queen Anne. Barista Rachel Hong recommends this half-cider, half-house chai twist on the traditional hot apple drink. If you want to go chocolate, check out their Spicy Theo Mocha – a little cayenne in a treat made with Seattle’s own Theo chocolate.
    3. “The Hot Turmeric Tonic” at La Marzocco Cafe at Seattle Center. It’s like a little bit of sun poking through the clouds: “Its bright yellow color foretells the flavor bomb of turmeric, ginger, lemon, and lime,” blogs the staff at La Marzocco, which changes its menu every month to feature a different roaster. In October, it’s Intelligentsia.
    4. The Pumpkin Spice Latte at Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square. OK this clearly isn’t not a pumpkin spice latte, but of all the places who told us they had these, only Zeitgeist mentioned their pumpkin spice comes from real pumpkins grown in Gig Harbor – which is apparently pretty impressive.