Seen Amazon’s Spheres? Now check out the dress

Seattle architecture, meet Seattle fashion.

Amazon employees have been taking hundreds of pictures of those new downtown spheres for a company photo contest this past week.

Artist and designer Sheridan Martin decided to not only take a picture, but also design, make, and wear the perfect outfit for the occasion.

“The top is sky, the corset is the silhouette of the building behind, and the underskirt is printed with leaves to represent the greenhouse/living wall they’re putting in,” Sheridan wrote about the dress.

“The sphere skirt is made of tracing paper, wood dowels, cardstock, gaff tape, and a heck of a lot of glue.”

Sheridan is a design technologist at Amazon.

“I spend a lot of time learning different skills (from blacksmithing to origami to electronics) so that I have more tools to make things.”

Check out Sheridan’s Instagram, @sheridanzig, for more photos of the dress’s design.