How Seattle does an eclipse, in 17 pictures

And just like that, the much-anticipated total solar eclipse of 2017 is over. In Seattle, people gathered in every inch of outdoor space to soak up the moment of cosmic magic. Here’s what it looked like:

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Anybody who wanted to get a good look needed to protect their retinas with some version of solar eclipse glasses. Good thing this canine came ready to play.

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Over the last few days, you probably saw a bunch of last-minute requests for these ever-so-special glasses, which made them a hot commodity. Just ask @aliwill.

But luckily, Seattleites love sharing.

And even without glasses, some Seattleites came extra prepared with homemade contraptions.

📷: Sara Gentzler

That’s Kyle W. at the Pacific Science Center. He had multiple pairs of welding goggles, a pin box he made out of a Pringles can, and an industrial-sized cling wrap roll that he fashioned into an eclipse viewer. Bet you wish you were as prepared as Kyle.

The Pacific Science Center wasn’t the only place Seattleites geeked out. Check out Amazon Corporate:

And the festivities at The Museum of Flight.

AND Olympic Sculpture Park.

Photo courtesy of Rich Allen

No one wants to miss a thing like this, and Seattle had its priorities straight.

And if you were too busy looking up to look down, you might’ve missed the cool shadows (and shadow animals) the eclipse made on Seattle sidewalks.

📸: Sylvia Riveland

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(Road tripping Seattleite Kyle Kesterson used shadows from the eclipse to create a ‘sleeping bunny.’)

In Seattle, we peaked at 92 percent totality. But in Oregon, where Evergrey cofounder Monica Guzman was in the “zone of totality,” the sun was totally blocked out and Seattle photographers got some incredible shots.

📷: Muralee Raghavan
📷: Abubakar Abdul Khaliq (AKs Clicks)


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What an epic Solar Eclipse it was. Washington had about 92% so I went to Oregon with my photog friends. It turned out to be the most incredible experience of our lives. You dont only shoot the eclipse but also notice the change in animals behavior, temperature drop of about 20 degrees, weird snake like shadows on the ground and above all the "feel" when you remove your eclipse glasses and view the totality through your naked eyes. During totality, saw the Venus shining so bright that it almost looked like night time. Hope you got to enjoy it as much as I did 🙂 Nikon D 810, Tamron 150-600 mm •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #solareclipse2017 #natgeoyourshot #ig_shotz #itsamazingoutthere #oregon #bakercity #eclipse #solareclipse #diamondring #sunflare #corona #oregonnw #northwestcreatives #vicivisuals #passionpassport #kiro7seattle #komo4 #komoloz #kiro7 #seattlesites #theevergrey #northwest #oregon #seattlephotographer #deadoxranch#tamron #nikonshot #tamron150600mm #telephoto #totality

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Wherever you watched it, we hope you had a ton of fun. Like this group of Seattle photographers Monica hung out with while they camped out with their families in Baker City, Oregon.

📷: Kai Chinn (BHGM Photography)

And, most importantly, we hope your eyes stayed more protected than this guy’s.