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Civic Saturday

Join the Civic Saturday community for our next gathering, held at Impact Hub Seattle. Civic Saturday is a salve for the civic soul — a place to come together in civic community, be inspired and encouraged to reflect and connect, and create new civic traditions that are joyful and communal. What happens at Civic Saturday? […]

/ November 13, 2018

Civic Saturday at Hillman City Collaboratory

Join the Civic Saturday community for the first gathering of 2018 at the Hillman City Collaboratory. Civic Saturday is a civic analogue to church: a gathering of friends and strangers in a common place to nurture a spirit of shared purpose. But it’s not church religion or synagogue or mosque religion. It’s about American civic […]

/ January 17, 2018

Top 10 Lists of What All Seattleites Should Know

We asked Seattleites from across the city what 10 things all of us need to know to be civically and culturally literate. Here’s what we heard.

/ October 5, 2017