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Self IMPROV-ment: A Comedy Workshop

Lee Nacozy is an impassioned improviser and will teach you how to use improv to get out of your own head and become more creative and present. This is a super-chill-don’t-be-intimidated improv class for all levels and welcomes people of all abilities, ethnicities and genders.

/ February 21, 2019

Free Introductory Improv Class Winter 2019

Have you always wanted to take an improv class, but not sure if you want to commit to a quarter-long term? We have the solution. Come to try it out for FREE and see if you like it. No experience is required, and our intro class is open to all but will focus on people […]

/ January 16, 2019

Comedy of Love: A Valentine’s Day Improv

If laughter is the food of love, then come get your fill at the Comedy of Love, a hilariously fun Valentine’s Day improv show. Whether you’re looking for a unique date night or flying solo, you’ll have a blast as our veteran performers use audience suggestions to create spontaneous scenes rife with passion, lust, heartbreak […]

/ January 16, 2019

An Improvised Man: Ray Bradbury Improvised

The Improvised Man is performed in the style of Ray Bradbury. Bradbury was a known for his “Twilight Zone-type” work in science fiction, dystopian fiction, horror, and his pulp fiction stories (Fahrenheit 451, The October Country, I Sing the Body Electric!, Something Wicked This Way Comes). Each show consists of three stories tied together by a single theme from […]

/ January 16, 2019

Seattle Theatresports Improv Comedy

Theatresports at Unexpected Productions is Seattle’s popular weekly, high-stakes, competitive improv comedy show. Based on audience suggestions, two teams of incredible improvisers rumble, creating exciting fast-paced improv games, hilarious stories, scenes, and songs right on the spot and in the moment. Boo the judges as they award points to each team. At the end of the […]

/ January 16, 2019

The Cotton Gin: An Improvised Puppet Show for Grown-Ups

“Avenue Q” meets improv comedy in this adult puppet show at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater. Where do puppets hang out after their day jobs? Well, after singing songs and dancing at the children’s theater, they head down to their local watering hole and pull up a bar stool. And when the Cotton Gin gets a […]

/ January 16, 2019

Improv Happy Hour

Come play with us and start your weekend with a gigantic smile! You are in for one-hour of spontaneous laughs and a lot of fun! This show is a wildly unpredictable night of classic improvisational games, techniques, songs, and stories created from the ideas tossed out by YOU…resulting in hilarious storytelling. It’s a show that has […]

/ January 16, 2019

The Harold  – Improv

The successful performance of THE HAROLD is the Holy Grail of any seasoned improv ensemble. It begins with a single audience suggestion. From that point on, anything can happen. It’s unpredictable. The improvisers are off and running, creating a humorous improv jam session, that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. The popular […]

/ January 16, 2019

Seattle International Comedy Competition

Comedians are literally coming from all over the world to make Seattle laugh!  From Japan, the UK, Canada, and all across the US (including 14 from Washington!).  From hundreds of submissions, the festival has selected 32 of the funniest up-and-coming comedians you will ever see. The competition has helped launch the career of many a […]

/ October 31, 2018


Seattle’s husband and wife comedy-music duo return for another evening of sketch comedy, live music, and stop motion animation in MIXED BAG, one of the first shows to grace the stage of the newly reopened Hugo House! Hosted by poet and humorist Jeanine Walker and musician Steve Mauer, this edition of MIXED BAG will feature […]

/ August 14, 2018