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Letters From Home

The subjects of these documentaries live across the world from each other. Yet no matter where they call home, the ways in which they are deeply affected by the economic, environmental, and historic realities of the lands they live in illuminates the many shared challenges we face in our modern world. Featuring: The Eldest Son […]

/ September 13, 2018

Vancouver: No Fixed Address

Charles Wilkinson’s enlightening documentary looks at Vancouver’s overwhelming housing crisis and rampant homelessness, issues that are effecting every community in the city. A story that holds many insights for Seattle today, what emerges in Wilkinson’s film is a sense of unavoidable interconnectedness and the amazing stories of modern visionaries who have been working to cultivate […]

/ September 13, 2018

Light of the Land

Ranging from important environmental stories, to accounts of immigrant experiences, these multi-faceted documentaries exploring the complex relationship between people and the lands they call home. Featuring: Sky Migrations (Charles Post, Forest Woodward & Max Lowe, Bozeman, MT, 2017, 15 min) Each fall our skies fill with the wings of migrating raptors, a migration that relies […]

/ September 13, 2018

Proof of Loyalty: Kazuo Yamane and the Nisei Soldiers of Hawaii

Proof of Loyalty: Kazuo Yamane and the Nisei Soldiers of Hawaii tells the story of a Japanese American who played a crucial strategic role in World War II. He and his fellow Nisei from Hawaii combatted prejudice and discrimination to serve their country. This important documentary that tells the unique, mostly untold history of Japanese […]

/ September 13, 2018

The Conversations

Paul Jackson’s new film is a  a series of one-on-one conversations with activists and leaders from marginalized communities about some of the most relevant issues facing working class Seattleites at this very moment: healthcare, housing, representation in city government, and homelessness. What emerges is a mosaic of Seattle’s past, present, and possible future

/ September 13, 2018

Party with a purpose at Safeco field

Enjoy food, drinks, music and fun with a few thousand do-gooders who like to have a good time. Meet local celebrities, have plenty of Instagrammable moments (like singing karaoke in Macklemore’s Cadillac) and celebrate all the awesome things going on in our community. Plus, there will be cool opportunities to support early learning for kids […]

/ September 6, 2018

Foundation’s Sharing Passions: Kombucha Making with Rainbow Cloud

  Let’s make our own kombucha!!! In September’s “Sharing Passions” class with MAKERS Workspace, we are bringing Rainbow Cloud Kombucha to Seattle. I remember first experiencing Rainbow Cloud as they were just starting to get popular years ago at the Proctor Farmers Market in Tacoma. Now, they are a growing entreprise that all started from […]

/ July 31, 2018

Foundation’s Painting with Friends: A Night of Creative Community

Foundation and Sarah Elizabeth are partnering to create a fun night of painting and community! In this kickoff experience of our new monthly series, Painting with Friends, we will be painting our own hats!!! We will have a few different designs for you to choose from, but from there, the creativity is all up to […]

/ August 7, 2018

Foundation’s Epic Anecdotes with Hebah Fisher

Telling better stories, a skill we can all improve on!! We are grateful to partner with Hebah from Kerning Cultures to create a fun night of storytelling, Epic Anecdotes. July’s most popularly voted Foundation experience idea was a storyteller workshop!! Stories are how we make sense of ourselves, how we share that identity with others, and generally, […]

/ August 7, 2018

Foundation’s Crafting Libations with Jared: “Amaro”

We found one of the biggest spirit and cocktail nerds in Seattle and are thrilled to be partnering with him on the second Monday every month! Interested in learning more about those delicious libations you are so excited to try? September’s theme is “Amaro”. Jared will take us into the mystical land of Amaro!  Starting with […]

/ August 15, 2018