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Win at Seattle, guzzle beer, and 18 more things to do this week

It’s May Day in Seattle, and the week is full of events focused on social issues and activism. Roll up your sleeves and let’s make some plans.

/ May 1, 2017

How do you make the most of Seattle tech? Build relationships

People in tech like to compare Seattle to Silicon Valley, the nation’s bustling, hustling tech capital. To Dan Shapiro, CEO of Glowforge, Seattle has one big advantage over the Valley that entrepreneurs should make the most of: Relationships.

/ April 25, 2017

Ask a Republican, learn about Martians, and 12 more things to do in Seattle this week

This week in Seattle: Ask a Republican about the local political climate, check out those Amazon spheres, ask where all the Martians are, and get ready for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

/ April 24, 2017

Mark the ‘high’ holiday: 15 things to do in Seattle this week

Let’s help you make some plans. The ‘high’ holiday 4/20 is Thursday, you can learn to master the Mason jar on Tuesday, and come Saturday, thousands of Seattleites will be marching for science.

/ April 17, 2017

A party for Seattle’s past and 15 more things to do this week

Let’s plan out your week. A radical project to house the city’s homeless launches tonight. Plus: a pun competition, a chat with our governor, and a chance to pet a baby goat.

/ April 10, 2017

Ask Amazon about Seattle’s growth and 12 more things to do this week

Let’s get out there, Seattle. Amazon’s VP of real estate and facilities is going to talk about how the company’s influencing Seattle’s boom Wednesday. Plus: A post-election book club, an outdoor sale, and work from some young and promising Seattle poets.

/ April 3, 2017

Eat books, join a ‘Shadow Council,’ and 12 more awesome things to do in Seattle this week

Seattle’s best events this week include a political satire, a festival of edible books, and a bouncy house wonderland.

/ March 27, 2017

Seattleites took a 10-hour road trip to cross a political divide. Here’s what happened

Sherman County, Oregon, is the nearest county that voted exactly opposite us in the presidential election. While 74 percent of King County voters went for Clinton, 74 percent of Sherman County voters went for Donald Trump. So we paid Sherman County a visit.

/ March 7, 2017

The best monthly events in Seattle

Seattle is full of fun things to do. Sometimes, they’re even done on a regular schedule. Here are the best local events that happen at the same time every month.

/ February 28, 2017

‘An incredible start to the week’ and 13 things to do in Seattle

Here are our picks for the best things to do in Seattle this week, from a play about the results of the election to a geeky convention downtown.

/ February 27, 2017