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Seattle Live – Home and arrival

Attend Seattle Live and get to know our city better. We’ll have guests that share there ideas and stories and a range of ways Seattle is a home and a place of arrival. What do our distinctive pasts and sense of place mean for our present and future? Attend   Guests include: Cecile Hansen – […]

/ April 5, 2018

Civic Cocktail: Better Gardening + TBA

Presented in partnership with Seattle Channel Better Gardening Author and renowned gardener Ciscoe Morris sits down with host Joni Balter to discuss why gardening is an essential part of Pacific Northwest communities, what grows best in this climate and shares his trade secrets. Second Segment TBA Limited tickets available at the door; doors open at 5:30 p.m. Tickets […]

/ February 13, 2018

Video: Who’s a Seattleite? Here’s what you think it takes to earn Seattle cred

What does it mean to be a Seattleite? And what does it take to become one? The first video in our Seattle native/transplant series stirred up a ton of debate. Here are the highlights.

/ June 1, 2017