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Inside Story: Adventures in Storytelling

Join us every 2nd Sunday of the month for Inside Story, an exciting exploration of storytelling in several exciting forms. Our talented cast of improvisers are inspired to create stories from your true-life secret, personal, and funny stories. And in between each improv story, several of Seattle’s most respected storytellers will share a prepared story […]

/ March 7, 2018

Bonfire: An Evening of Story Sharing

Bonfire is a story sharing event intended to deepen our understanding of the people who make up our community. We invite participants to experience Bonfire through the lens of inclusion. As a guiding question for personal story sharing, story sharers will reflect on moments or periods in their life when they’ve felt included. They will […]

/ November 8, 2017

Fresh Ground Stories brings live storytelling to a Seattle coffee shop

Once a month, people gather at Roy Street Coffee & Tea to tell and listen to their own stories, live. Here’s how it works.

/ January 27, 2017