Take photos of the city and make friends while you’re at it

It’s more fun to get creative with company. For the photographers among you — street photographers in particular — there’s a brand new group called Street Meet WA.

They met in downtown Seattle last Saturday to hang out and snap pics of the city. You can see the results on Instagram, with the hashtag #streetmeetwa.

A guy named Joshua Flynn started the group after he moved to Seattle from Washington, D.C. where he’d been part of a similar group called Street Meet D.C.

“It was an awesome feeling to just link up with a bunch of strangers and have something in common you’re so passionate about,” said Josh, who goes by Flynn.

“Once I moved to Seattle I realized there wasn’t a bunch of communities and it seemed a lot of photographers kinda stuck with their group of friends,” he told us. “I already started to miss D.C. but I was really determined to make a change and bring Seattle something new.”

Street Meet WA is open to anyone who wants to make art on Seattle’s streets. The group’s members meet the last Saturday of every month, and you can stay posted on the details by following their Instagram account at @streetmeetwa. Flynn is there too, at @flynnpnw.