Tell us which Seattle small business you can’t live without

Good local businesses are part of what makes Seattle, Seattle. That’s why, in honor of Small Business Week coming up in May, we’ll be writing about the small businesses you can’t live without — the ones that feel integral to the way you experience our city.

>> So we’re asking for your nominations. Which small businesses should we profile in The Evergrey the week of May 1? Tell us what business you’d nominate and why by filling out the form below. And spread the word! Help us honor the Seattle businesses that are making the strongest impact on their community.

Thanks to our promotional partner Townsquared, an online community for small businesses, for helping us get the word out. Any questions? Hit us up at [email protected]. And hurry! The deadline for submissions is next Monday, April 17.

A note to Seattle businesses: We’re happy for you to self nominate, but know that we’ll weigh more strongly nominations that come from members of your community.