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Grace Madigan editor director journalist local Seattle news EvergreyFavorite local Seattle team I can get behind

The Seattle Storm. Sue Bird is the GOAT.

One thing you wish every local would stop doing 

Making hiking/climbing their whole personality. This probably doubles as a very unpopular opinion but I just want everyone to know that you don’t have to love to hike to fit in here.  

This is embarrassing but I can’t get enough of

I really love bad reality TV. Not sure if I totally agree with it being embarrassing because I lean into it hard. I think Bachelor in Paradise is at the top of my list of favorites but I also really loved Bling Empire.

A hill I’ll die on 

Dungeness crab is better than lobster.

My perfect Seattle day includes these three stops 

• A ferry trip over to Bainbridge to catch the sunset
• Dim sum in the ID
• Getting some beer from a local brewery and going to Gas Works

A friend visits from out of town. I’m not letting them leave without trying the food from…

I have a lot of history and love for Ivar’s so I’d definitely take them to their waterfront location downtown and we’d order family style. Definitely going to get the crab dip, clams, fish and chips, and whatever fish is in season. 

On any given weekend, you can find me

Catching up with friends at a brewery — favorite spots are Lucky Envelope and Ravenna. In the summer, I like getting out for bike rides.

If I had to give a vote for Seattle’s hidden gem, it’d go to

The Grand Illusion theatre in the U District. It’s super small and all volunteer-run and they show these really great arthouse movies on film. Also, their popcorn is some of the best.

I wish Seattle had more/less _________.

More affordable housing. Considering the amount of wealth in this city and knowing the number of people experiencing homelessness, it’s infuriating.

Seattle should pay more attention to

I’m going to cheat here and not name a person but some local publications that deserve all the love. South Seattle Emerald provides coverage that is so important and amplifies voices we don’t hear from otherwise, the International Examiner has so much history, and Real Change’s whole program where they empower folks struggling with houselessness is inspiring.

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Grace Madigan is director of The Evergrey. Her metaphorical newsroom office door is always open for questions, news leads, tips, and hellos at [email protected]