The unspoken rules of Seattle


As citizens of Seattle, there are a lot of laws we are supposed to follow. But what if there was a completely separate list of rules that all Seattleites should know about — and what if they weren’t actually written down anywhere?

Sounds crazy, but our Facebook friends came up with plenty of unspoken rules that keep Seattle in line. We figured it was about time to write ’em down. Along with the ones featured above, here are a few favorite responses:

“Never follow up on invitations to get together in person. I mean, really, what are you — an extrovert or something?” —Heidi Miller

“Don’t ever say anything bad about Dick’s burgers even if they’re not anywhere near the best.” —Ralph MacDonald

“If someone is about to walk by you on the sidewalk, avert your gaze.” —Tyler Wall

Did we miss any? Pop over to Instagram and tell us in the comments about the Seattle rule you live by.


By Caitlin Moran
Caitlin writes newsletters and stories for The Evergrey. She's worked as a journalist in and around Seattle since 2010 and is a proud resident of Capitol Hill's Summit Slope neighborhood.