Video: What do Seattle newcomers think about their city?

A thousand people a week move to the Puget Sound area. Fifty-seven people a day to Seattle. We’re the fastest growing city in the U.S. So yeah: We get a lot of newbies.

The Stranger has one newcomers guide, The Seattle Times and Seattle Met have others, and everywhere you look someone’s got advice on how new Seattleites can get to know the city — or some opinion about how they’ll change it.

That’s a lot to take on when you’re building a new life somewhere. So what do transplants think of Seattle, anyway? Readers Luiz Marques, Carl Leighty, Minda Brusse, and Norman DeValliere sent us their questions, and we passed them on to Seattle transplants for the third installment of our native/transplant video series.

Watch the full video to hear the stories…

  • “I was only supposed to be here about two weeks. It was a fun trip that turned into just falling in love.” — Dominick Garrett
  • “The lack of diversity. The overwhelming amount of white people everywhere. I think that’s kind of hard to get used to.” — Sumayyah Waheed
  • “The resilience of Seattle is amazing. The heart that they have to keep fighting the good fight should be admired.” —
    Patricia Carrión Morás
  • “When I landed in Seattle and went to work, you know, on that first Monday, I just … knew. I did know that this was home.” — Sarah Worley

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This video series is sponsored by Seattle CityClub, which published the 2017 Greater Seattle Civic Health Index. According to the index, 65 percent of Seattleites said they voted in local elections “sometimes” or “always.” That ranks us 7th nationally. So: Not too shabby.

Thanks a ton to the people quoted above — plus Mugo Muna, Brian Nash, Dorothy Thomas, and Clare Sayas — for sharing their thoughts in the video. And to James Andrews and Anika Anand for producing it.

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