What do you want to know about the waterfront?

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Seattle’s central waterfront is undergoing some major changes.

Once the viaduct vanishes and the dust settles on a series of ambitious urban projects, we’ll be looking at a whole new gathering place in the heart of the city. That includes a redesigned pier park, upgrades to the Seattle Aquarium, and a new elevated walkway connecting Pike Place Market with the waterfront.

In the meantime, the central waterfront remains a bustling hub for shoppers and diners, office workers, and tourists. Our ongoing neighborhood spotlight features some of the people and places that have shaped the district over the decades — and looks ahead to the major changes that will reshape this area.

We wanted to know what questions you had about the waterfront, and the question that received the most responses came from Maria DiGiovanni, who asked, “I’ve heard there’s a proposal for an eight-lane road between the market and waterfront. Is that true?”

Check out the answer here.

By Caitlin Moran
Caitlin writes newsletters and stories for The Evergrey. She's worked as a journalist in and around Seattle since 2010 and is a proud resident of Capitol Hill's Summit Slope neighborhood.