What does it mean to create change in our city? Introducing our new project with Paul Allen’s Vulcan

When Paul Allen passed away in October, Seattle lost someone who had invested deeply in building a strong community and a better world. While many locals of means use their resources to make an impact, Paul’s philanthropic efforts were spread against a wide range of issues and causes—and his vision went well beyond writing checks. Paul wanted to catalyze new ways of doing the work, whether it was the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the world’s biggest airplane, or changing the way Ebola is treated. He constantly asked, “what solution should exist that doesn’t?”

Vulcan is the umbrella organization through which most of Paul’s investments and philanthropy happen. When we started talking with their team, we agreed the best way to explore his legacy was to feature Seattleites who embody that question: why they do what they do, how they do it, and what we can learn from it.

Over the next few months, our video series will spend time with local “catalysts,” showcasing their work to develop new solutions to tough challenges. Some will be people Vulcan has supported; others we hope to discover through you and your suggestions.

At the end of the series, we’re hosting a live storytelling event where we’ll bring voices across our city together to share stories of success, failure, and inspiration from trying to make our city a better place.

As we kick things off, we want to know from you: who’s creating catalytic change in Seattle? Who’s taking a new approach or pushing a bold new idea? Whose work deserves more attention? Hit us up with your suggestions at [email protected].

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By The Evergrey Creative Studio
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