Where to soak in Seattle’s views, with a drink in hand

Seattlelites are still up for outdoor eating and drinking even when it’s autumn, but not all decks and patios are the same.

That’s why we’re doing something a little different and presenting you with the official list of “Places in Seattle where you can eat or drink outside and enjoy a view of the mountains and/or water.” 

It may not be short and snappy, but we know what we like, and we’re not afraid to say it. Plus, when your BFF from somewhere without mountains and/or water visits, you’re not going to take them out for drinks on a viewless patio, right? 

Our favorites

Old Stove: Sure, it’s touristy and slightly overpriced. But the lack of a casual, outdoor watering hole at Pike Place Market has been so outrageous up until this point that we’re going to let all that slide. And the beer isn’t half bad, either.

MBar: If outdoor dining spots are rare in Seattle, rooftop bars are basically the holy grail. And MBar’s prime location in South Lake Union means the views are totally worth waiting in line for. 

Ray’s Café: Trendy bars come and go, but Ray’s Boathouse has been doing business at Ballard’s Shilshole Bay for decades. The café level is perched above the main restaurant and offers slightly more casual fare that will still impress your out-of-town guests. 

Marination Mai Kai: This outdoor dining adventure is as much about the journey as the destination. A short ride on the King County Water Taxi will take you directly from downtown to Marination’s sprawling outdoor deck overlooking Elliott Bay and the city skyline.

Red Robin: It’s a chain and it sure ain’t fancy, but the Red Robin deck on Pier 55 is a saving grace on those sunny Friday afternoons when every other place within a 10-block radius is unbearably crowded. Plus, bottomless fries.

Other spots

Agua Verde

Daniel’s Broiler

Eastlake Bar and Grill

Elliott’s Oyster House

Fog Room

Ivar’s Salmon House

Little Water Cantina


Mountaineering Club

The 100 Pound Clam

The Lookout

The Nest

The Pink Door

Salty’s On Alki

Six Seven


Did we miss your favorite view-soaked patio, deck, or rooftop? Let us know: [email protected].

By Caitlin Moran
Caitlin writes newsletters and stories for The Evergrey. She's worked as a journalist in and around Seattle since 2010 and is a proud resident of Capitol Hill's Summit Slope neighborhood.