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👋  Meet Hannah, The Evergrey’s new local director.

hannah-myrick-evergrey-directorI’ve been helping to write the newsletter since Grace left in November, and I wanted to introduce myself!

I love Seattle for the reasons you probably do too — the music, the great outdoors, the food and coffee and more food, etc. But now I’m excited to discover the city through all of your eyes.

I’m a longtime Evergrey reader and have lived in Seattle for about seven years now. I grew up across the Sound on Bainbridge Island (where Grace and I went to high school together) and have been a part of the local journalism community for the past few years. You can learn more about my favorite (and not-so-favorite) things about our city down below. 👇

►Read about me and my recommendations for a great Seattle Happy Hour, Seattle’s best biscuit, where you want to take visitors for Sake and Bruschetta and more.

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Want to know more about why we started The Evergrey? Check out this post: Hey Seattle! We’ve launched a new local media project called The Evergrey

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Our Alumni

Grace Madigan editor director journalist local Seattle news Evergrey

Grace Madigan

Grace is now an Arts & Culture Reporter at KNKX.  She was director of The Evergrey from 2020-2021. She is a multimedia journalist based in Seattle who has experience freelancing for local outlets like the International Examiner, Seattle Weekly and Real Change. Stories that reveal how food, culture and identity intersect are the ones she is most drawn to and love to tell.