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We believe that connecting with your city shouldn’t feel like work.

That’s why we curate the best events around town, explain what’s happening in our city and why it matters, and highlight the people, businesses, and organizations that are working to make Seattle a brighter place — all in a short, delightful email newsletter.

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Want to know more about why we started The Evergrey? Check out this post: Hey Seattle! We’ve launched a new local media project called The Evergrey

Our team: Grace Madigan is director of The Evergrey. Her metaphorical newsroom office door is always open for questions, news leads, tips, and hellos at [email protected]

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Our network: The Evergrey has sister publications in four cities (Bridgeliner, Portland; The New Tropic, Miami; The Incline, Pittsburgh; Pulptown, Orlando), and we all rely on the folks at WhereBy.Us HQ for help building our technology and making the newsletter sparkle.

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