Locals to Know: Zack Bolotin

Today we’re talking to Zack Bolotin, a graphic designer, the founder of Porchlight Coffee & Records and all around man about town. The born-and-raised Seattleite designs stamps, cold brew labels, concert posters, menus and all sorts of other projects you may have spotted around Seattle. You may have even checked out the “62 Souvenirs” book that he and his dad […]

/ July 27, 2022

The ultimate guide to Seattle’s breweries

The number of breweries in Seattle can be overwhelming, that’s why we made this guide for which ones you should check out for every sort of occasion.

/ July 16, 2021

5 Best Ingredients for a Unique and Perfect Seattle Cocktail

As a special treat for our virtual Pride event and any other Pride-related festivities, we asked a former bartender and current sales representative for Seattle Cider Company and Two Beers Brewing, Hattie Benton McKay, to create a special drink we could share with you all. And if you end up making the cocktail be sure to […]

/ July 8, 2021

Have a drink with Cora Boyd

After over a year of living with a pandemic, people are both excited and nervous to get back out on the dating scene. We asked an expert for advice.

/ June 4, 2021

Don’t read this if you want to enjoy that latte

Lattes are more than just espresso and foamy milk — they’re works of art. Just ask the folks we met at one of Seattle’s latte art competitions.

/ May 16, 2021

The Blue Moon Tavern: A vortex of love

Emma Hellthaler was ready to sell the 87-year-old dive bar last year but the universe had other plans thanks to a supportive community, a PBS doc, and an old high school friend.

/ May 11, 2021

‘Have a drink with’ Ravenna Brewing Co.’s head brewer Audra Johansen

The first edition of our new series ‘Have a drink with…’ featuring locals who are doing things in our community we think you should know about. Our first guest is Audra Johansen, the new head brewer for Ravenna Brewing Co.

/ March 12, 2021

Seattle’s biggest restaurant openings and closings in 2020

We rounded up the biggest restaurant news from the past year for you. Despite the tough year, there were a number of places we welcomed to the scene.

/ December 18, 2020

One of the last lesbian bars: The Wildrose

The Wildrose celebrated 35 years last December. (Pic by: Grace Madigan) There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the U.S., and one of them is in Seattle. The Lesbian Bar Project is a fundraiser to support these bars as they try and survive the pandemic. The campaign runs until Thanksgiving and donations can be […]

/ November 20, 2020

Seattle fall coffee and tea shop drinks that are not pumpkin spice lattes

Seattle coffee drinkers can’t enough of pumpkin spice lattes in the fall. But what else is out there? Here are four ideas from around Seattle neighborhoods.

/ October 5, 2019