The ultimate guide to Seattle’s breweries

Seattle is a craft beer lover’s paradise. There are well over 150 breweries in the city, and Ballard is home to more than a handful of them. But there are a ton of other places to grab an excellent pint of beer that go beyond the old fishing neighborhood. Here’s a list of breweries to check out for every sort of occasion.

For the culturally-inspired…

Lucky Envelope Brewing | Ballard

Yes, it’s in Ballard, but if you haven’t been it’s worth checking out. Owners Barry Chan and Ray Kwan pay homage to their Chinese heritage with their business. Each year, they throw a Lunar New Year celebration and release special beers including tea-infused brews.

For the food trucks…

Ravenna Brewing Co. | Ravenna

A favorite of college students, Ravenna has made some serious upgrades the last couple of years. Their expanded space means more room for their ever-popular trivia nights and more space to put out some killer beers.

For impressing your visiting beer nerd… 

Cloudburst Brewing | Downtown

This is a brewery where you can take your out-of-town beer snob friends and family. Its proximity to Pike Place means you can enjoy a day of shopping and eating, then settle in for a couple of pints at this award-winning brewery.

For the non-IPA lovers…

Holy Mountain Brewing | Interbay

If you could care less about IPAs, then you’ll appreciate what Holy Mountain is doing with their constantly changing lineup of beers. Although they do offer IPAs, where they shine is with their Belgian-style beers and barrel-aged brews.

For those looking for a cozy spot…

Outlander Brewing Co. | Fremont

Avoid the crowds at Fremont Brewing — you can buy their beer at most places in Seattle anyway — and take a 15-minute walk over to this small brewery. It’s located in what used to be a small house, making it extra cozy for suds with your buds.

For those with a car… 

Lowercase Brewing | Georgetown

If Georgetown were easier to get to without a car, I’m confident that the neighborhood would be just as popular as Ballard to grab a pint. But if you’ve got the means to get over there, stop by Lowercase, which specializes in pilsners and lagers.

For those wanting to drink at an award-winning brewpub…

The Good Society Brewery & Public House | West Seattle

This small brewery won big at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival awards. Thousands of breweries entered the competition, and Good Society came out on top winning Best Small Brewpub of the year.

For watching the UW game…

Big Time Brewery & Alehouse | U-District

Located on the Ave, this brewery is easily and often overlooked. A favorite for those close to the UW campus to grab a pint and bite to eat, it also puts out some pretty good beer. Catch a Husky game here while you enjoy a pint or crack open a celebratory one after a win.