Women got a ‘pay equity discount’ at this Greenwood diner for International Women’s Day

‘If you’re only gonna make 79 cents on the dollar, then you’re only gonna have to pay 79 percent,’ said co-owner Tony Lombardi.

/ March 9, 2017

Thawing the Seattle Freeze from a Ballard apartment building

You don’t usually think of your apartment building as a place to have fun and meet new people. But Stephanie Carrillo, property manager at the Odin Apartments in Ballard, makes it her business to put on events that help her tenants do just that.

/ February 22, 2017

Fresh Ground Stories brings live storytelling to a Seattle coffee shop

Once a month, people gather at Roy Street Coffee & Tea to tell and listen to their own stories, live. Here’s how it works.

/ January 27, 2017

What Washington Republicans think of Trump and two more things to know today

Hear state Republicans talk about Trump’s transition, then learn why the city of Seattle cut off ties with the neighborhood group it was working with to start fresh with another.

/ December 13, 2016

At pre-dawn ‘November Project,’ Seattleites make friends & break a sweat

Seattle’s November Project is a free pre-dawn group workout that happens Wednesdays at Gas Works Park and Fridays in different parks around Seattle, whatever the weather.

/ November 30, 2016

Remembering Red Apple: Why they’re collecting stories about a Seattle grocery store

The Red Apple Market in the Central District has taken good care of its neighborhood. Now that it might close, the Shelf Life project wants to capture its neighbors’ stories. Here’s how.

/ November 16, 2016

Why there’s a bunch of stuffed animals in a vacant lot in Green Lake

Today, we’re going to solve a Seattle neighborhood mystery. If you drive toward Aurora on North 80th Street, you’ll see a small, fenced-in lot full of plastic plants and stuffed animals. Some people have been wondering what that’s all about. We asked around and found out. Meet the guerrilla gardener…

/ November 2, 2016

Meet the Seattle bartender who gives sermons on Saturdays

Seattle bartender Gregg Holcomb of Witness in Capitol Hill delivers sermons to his patrons every Saturday night at 10 p.m. Here’s why.

/ October 26, 2016

Games over drinks at Seattle’s Cafe Mox

Seattle’s Cafe Mox in Ballard offers more than 600 games for people to play in the store over drinks, from classic board games and card games to geekier, more immersive games for more advanced players.

/ October 14, 2016

Meet the creator of the Vanishing Seattle Instagram account

With the Vanishing Seattle Instagram account, Seattle local Cynthia Brothers tracks changes in the city in light of its history with photographs of businesses, landmarks, and citizen action.

/ October 12, 2016