The holiday struggle is real — and we want to hear your stories

The holidays can be a complicated time of year. Share your stories and help folks in The Evergrey community feel less alone.

/ December 11, 2017

Listen to 14 podcasts launched by creative Seattleites

Seattle’s mostly known for its legendary music scene, but another local creative collective is blowing up, too. Who? Our vibrant community of podcasters.

/ November 15, 2017

10 podcast episodes that’ll teach you something new about Seattle

Seattle’s now known for its road rage-inducing traffic. While our local leaders work to improve our transit system, have have some suggestions for making your daily commute more bearable.

/ November 14, 2017

9 thoughtful projects Seattleites launched after the 2016 election

Seattleites didn’t sit still after Donald Trump was elected president. Instead, they made some amazing things to help foster connection and community.

/ November 10, 2017

What one Seattleite learned after spending a year encouraging Trump and Clinton voters to talk

Meet the Seattleite who got folks with differing politics to talk about U.S. culture & politics over the course of President Trump’s first year in office.

/ November 9, 2017

WTF just happened today? Ask Matt Kiser.

What began as a side-project tracking Trump’s first 100 days in office turned into a popular daily newsletter and podcast. “What the F*ck Just Happened Today?” founder Matt Kiser tells us what inspired him to start his “no-bullshit, direct, to-the-point” guide of what’s happening in the White House.

/ November 7, 2017

Mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan on leadership: ‘While it always feels like it’s about you, it can never really be about you’

Here’s what Seattle mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan has to say on leadership and learning.

/ October 27, 2017

Mayoral candidate Cary Moon on leadership: ‘If we’re all trying to solve the problem piecemeal…we are wasting a lot of energy’

Here’s what Seattle mayoral candidate Cary Moon has to say on leadership and learning.

/ October 27, 2017

City Council candidate Jon Grant on leadership: ‘It’s about building power, rather than holding power’

Here’s what Seattle city council candidate Jon Grant has to say on leadership.

/ October 26, 2017

City Council candidate Lorena González on leadership: ‘Sometimes I have to temper my righteousness with the realities of government’

Here’s what Seattle city council candidate Lorena González has to say on leadership.

/ October 26, 2017