Political Issues

Your last chance to see posters from the women’s march

An exhibition of stylish posters from the women’s marches the day after Trump’s inauguration is on its last week.

/ February 21, 2017

Can you write the best letter from Donald Trump? Seattle bar The Hideout wants to see you try

What could Donald Trump say that would make you happy? The Hideout, a bar on First Hill, is hosting a writing contest to see who can write the ‘best’ letter from President Trump.

/ February 16, 2017

Dance the #$@! away: 14 things to do around Seattle this week

Talks, meetups, parties — here are 14 ways to roll through another strange week.

/ January 30, 2017

Protests and politics: When was the last time Seattle felt this charged up?

After two straight weekends of heightened tension and protests, Seattle feels active and electric. We asked Northwest native and historian Knute Berger when Seattle had felt this way in the past.

/ January 30, 2017

Why we’re counting our homeless neighbors tomorrow

1,000 volunteers will fan out across King County count how many people are unsheltered or not living in permanent housing early Friday morning. What for? We explain.

/ January 26, 2017

Taking action: 16 resources you’ve shared post-Inauguration in Seattle

With a new president and a tense political climate, a lot of you are finding yourselves called to action. Here’s a very partial list of some of the resources we’ve seen you share.

/ January 25, 2017

I volunteered to help immigrants on Inauguration Day. Here’s how it went

More than 800 volunteers helped King County immigrants get legal help on Inauguration Day. What was that like? Mason Bryan, a volunteer translator, explains.

/ January 24, 2017

‘Kindness Rules’ and more from the Womxn’s March on Seattle

More than 100,000 people came out for the Womxn’s March on Seattle on Saturday — a record-breaking crowd for the city. Photographer Brad Puet shares his pics.

/ January 22, 2017

Will you be at the Seattle’s Womxn’s March?

The Saturday march is expected to be the third largest women’s march in the country, drawing more than 50,000 people. And people are making lots of posters.

/ January 20, 2017

‘This is the coronation of the worst, darkest side of America, and I cannot watch’

Ninety-two percent of people who voted in Seattle did not vote for our soon-to-be President Donald Trump, so emotions are understandably high around the city today. Here’s how some of you are feeling, in your own words.

/ January 20, 2017