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‘You are wet, and will always be wet’ and other ways to survive Seattle’s winter

Seattle’s winter is coming: Are you ready? We’ve gathered some tips to weather Seattle cold and rain for everyone from newbies unused to the wet weather to people stuck in the cold without a home.

Environment / December 8, 2019

Seattle fall coffee and tea shop drinks that are not pumpkin spice lattes

Seattle coffee drinkers can’t enough of pumpkin spice lattes in the fall. But what else is out there? Here are four ideas from around Seattle neighborhoods.

Drink / October 5, 2019

Q&A with our new local director, Caitlin Moran

(📷: Jordan Lyon) Big news, folks: The Evergrey has a brand new director, and it’s our very own Caitlin Moran.  Basically, y’all couldn’t be in better hands. Caitlin’s been leading our storytelling for a couple months now, answering your burning neighborhood q’s, sparking big convos on everything from birthday destinations to the signs of spring, […]

Community / July 8, 2019

Changemakers: Meet the Seattleites Who Are Shaping Our Transportation Future

When it comes to getting around Seattle, the struggle is real. Traffic and transit is changing constantly as we add a tunnel, light rail, bike infrastructure and tons of construction. As Seattle continues to grow, the need for smarter ways to access our city is bigger than ever. For our latest Changemaker series, we met […]

Changemakers / February 20, 2019

Seattle’s biggest needs and what you can do about them

(📸: Haley Weaver, a.k.a. @haleydrewthis) There’s no textbook for giving back to Seattle. It can be tricky to know what makes an impact when you’re the fastest growing major city of the decade. Plus, giving can look different depending on who you are, what you care about, and what you have to give. So how […]

Giving Guide / November 26, 2018

‘No podemos dejar que nadie nos defina’: El Consulado Mexicano en Seattle quiere renovar mucho más que los pasaportes

Seattle’s Mexican consulate is stepping up its cultural programs in a big way — and in a pretty tense time. “We can’t let anyone else define us,” consul Roberto Dondisch told us. To help their story reach more of Seattle’s Mexican community, we’ve published it here in Spanish.

Art & Culture / September 11, 2018

What are Seattle’s biggest needs? Send us a text to tell us how you see it

Over the next several months, we’re going to be helping you find the best ways to make this community — your community — better. But before we unpack how we can all be most helpful, we should get a good sense of where we all need the most help. And that’s where you come in.

Community / August 7, 2018

Not sure how to talk to Seattleites? Start with our dogs.

When you’re trying to get to know people in this hectic city of ours, dogs can really be your best friend. Professional matchmaker Rachael Kloek knows all about that — and shared some tips.

Community / July 13, 2018

Cast your vote: Which of your questions about homelessness should we answer first?

You sent in more than 200 honest questions about homelessness in Seattle. Which of these three should we tackle first? Cast your vote and help us decide.

Community / July 10, 2018

What are you most curious about around homelessness in Seattle? We are taking your questions

Can we fix homelessness in Seattle? Hell yes we can. But first, we need to better understand what’s going on. That’s where you come in.

Community / July 5, 2018