Apply for a Job: Storytelling Producer

Applications close August 31

We’re seeking a full-time storytelling producer to join The Evergrey, a community-driven digital media startup that’s about helping Seattleites live like they live here.

You’ll be producing our daily e-mail newsletter, quick-turnaround content and in-depth project-based storytelling to build an engaged community of curious locals. We believe digital storytelling, journalism, social media, and events are tools for doing that. If you agree, we’d love to hear from you.

The Evergrey is a small, growing start-up, and part of WhereBy.Us, a media and technology company that helps the world’s curious locals understand, explore, and build/invest in/create their cities. Our purpose is to help people live like they live here— and build a model for doing so that can serve Seattle and growing cities like it around the world. We’re a team that cares about the future of cities and the people who live in them. We want our communities to be stronger, better connected, and more awesome.

The Evergrey storytelling producer will:

  • Write and produce the daily email newsletter for The Evergrey
  • Produce/write/shoot/edit daily and project-based multimedia stories for The Evergrey
  • Contribute to The Evergrey’s social media channels and maintain an active presence on personal social media accounts
  • Communicate and facilitate conversations with our local communities of readers
  • Attend and assist with events for The Evergrey community

The ideal candidate has:

  • Experience in a daily media environment
  • Experience with digital media tools and production, including video
  • Experience with journalism and essential reporting skills
  • An interest in digital media experimentation and alternative forms of storytelling
  • An active presence on social media platforms
  • Enthusiasm for interacting with and learning from communities
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to carry projects through from conception to publication

We love people who:

  • Love to learn and learn on the job
  • Are proactive and like solving problems
  • Are relentlessly curious about the world around them
  • Approach other people and challenging situations with empathy
  • Love Seattle as much as we do

We’re more interested in working with great people than in lists of qualifications. If you want to work with us but don’t check all these boxes, that’s OK. We still want to hear from you. Candidates must be able to work full time in Seattle.

Competitive compensation and benefits will be offered commensurate with experience.