What Q’s do you have about this head tax? 🤔

What Q’s do you have about this head tax? 🤔

Amazon told the city last week that it was hitting pause on building new office space. Why? Because of a controversial head tax. Thanks for tagging #theevergrey, Marcus.


There’s a red hot debate right now about a big new tax the city wants to charge large local companies, and it’s a collision of four of the things we Seattleites get most tense about: housing, taxes, Amazon, and our city’s super fast growth.

Here’s what we know: The head tax would affect for-profit businesses earning at least $20 million a year. Starting next year, businesses would be charged 26 cents for every hour each of their employees work — or about $500 per worker. The tax is expected to raise $75 million each year, which the city says it’ll spend on affordable housing and homeless emergency services.

When five city councilmembers — that’s a majority — said last week they would support turning this proposal into law, Amazon made a big move. Because it would cost the company $20 million a year under the head tax, it paused construction on a new office building to send the city a message: Remember how many jobs we bring to the city — and that we can take them somewhere else.

After that, community discussions about the head tax got heated — just check out this video from a Ballard town hall or this one from a rally outside the Amazon Spheres. City leaders are weighing all of the feedback before the council plans to take a vote on May 14.

»» If you’re left feeling confused or curious about this whole issue, we promise you’re not the only ones. So tell us what questions you have about the head tax here. And remember: there are no dumb questions!  

We’ll look to answer your Q’s in a follow-up piece this week. Meanwhile, check out this piece in The Seattle Times for more on how the head tax issue has bubbled up.


What will Jenny do? Some people like the idea of a per-worker “head tax” on big local companies to raise money to tackle our housing crisis; others, like local business leaders, don’t.  And then there’s Mayor Jenny Durkan. She is in a really tough place with this politically, and reporter Dan Beekman breaks down why.

“She could usher the tax into law, underlining her commitment to helping vulnerable people, but alienating Amazon and voters who don’t trust City Hall to spend wisely,” he writes. “Or Durkan could try to block the tax with a veto, responding to pressure from the council’s critics but leaving low-income- housing dollars on the table and exposing herself to those who would accuse her of shilling for big business.” Her hope? “I’m going to see if we can get to a place where we have business and labor and the council and us agree on a path forward,” she told the Times editorial board. Best of luck — ‘cause that does not sound easy. (The Seattle Times)

‘We are not the villain.’ Dick’s Drive-In has been serving up that “Deluxe, fries, and a shake” since 1954. Now it’s got an order up for pipin’ hot compromise: If the city wants to raise $75 million from big local businesses to help fight homelessness, could it let businesses donate the money straight to charities instead of handing it over as a head tax? “The Seattle business community has shown repeatedly that we want to be part of the solution here,” Dick’s VP Jasmine Donovan told KOMO. (KOMO)

Can’t stand the heat? Grab one of these cocktails. Good for relieving both the actual heat of that occasional warm Seattle spring day and, you know, everything else that’s stressing you out these days. 🍸 (Eater Seattle)

Some companies have company baseball teams. Amazon has — no joke — its own symphony. It’s got 85 musicians, all super-talented employees who dig a good concerto, and they’re good. Check out a sample of their work in Hallie Golden’s story for Crosscut, and while you’re at it, give a listen to a couple other musical groups in the tech scene: Facebook’s Face Clef and Microsoft’s Baudboys. (Crosscut)


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