🤓 We’re off to chainsaw-carving school

🤓 We’re off to chainsaw-carving school

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What Seattle is talking about

Our social media feeds have been lit up with scenes of cotton-candy skies the past couple of days, including this stunning Instagram pic from Mayur Kamat. ☝️

But the scene became a little less sweet yesterday, when word got out that the rosy tint is being caused by wildfire smoke flowing down from Alberta, Canada.

This isn’t the first time that distant fires have led to spectacular Seattle sunsets. Back in 2012, we were all talking about “Siberian sunsets,” caused by plumes of smoke getting pushed across the Pacific Ocean from Russia.

That was, of course, before our city started getting cloaked in smoke for several days each summer. Now we’re all on edge waiting to see if the pattern repeats itself this year.

The good news? The Alberta fires are unlikely to cause a seriously smoky event here in Seattle, meteorologists tell The Seattle Times.

But the bad news is that the season is just getting started. And with much of our region already experiencing drought conditions, a smoke-free summer seems unlikely.

In other news…

As the humpback whale population continues to recover, scientists say collisions involving marine vessels could become more common in Puget Sound. A juvenile whale is presumed to have died after it was struck by a Bainbridge Island-bound ferry on Tuesday night in Elliott Bay. (KUOW)

A so-called “McMansion ban” would limit the size of new homes being built on single-family lots in Seattle. Councilmember Mike O’Brien says he’s introducing the legislation as a way to encourage property owners to add value with accessory units like backyard cottages — rather than squeezing in as giant a house as possible into one lot. (The Seattle Times)

Would congestion pricing fix Seattle’s traffic woes? Probably not, but it could lead to a serious reduction in our city’s carbon emissions. (Curbed)

It’s the end of an era for Belltown Pub, a neighborhood mainstay that poured its last pints earlier this week. The tributes shared on the pub’s Facebook page are a good reminder to support your local shops and watering holes. (Facebook)

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George Kenny, center, with a group of chainsaw carving students.
(📸: Provided by George Kenny)

Today’s how-to

Get ready to be covered in sawdust.

At George Kenny’s chainsaw carving school (yes – chainsaw carving school) in the Hood Canal area, students are able to work on their works of art and take home the chainsaw they used for the weekend.

“The first questions I get asked from people contemplating taking they class, they say, ‘Listen, I’ve never handled a piece of power equipment, and I can’t draw a straight line,” George said. “I’ll tell them, ‘You’re the perfect candidate.'”

Learn more about George and how he started his chainsaw carving school.

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🍓 What even is a shrub? Not the bush, the drink. If you haven’t had one, it’s a delicious vinegary concoction that we’ll be making ourselves in this month’s Crafting Passions Class with The Works on Monday, June 10. (Capitol Hill)

🤗 It’s speed-friending time! Interested in meeting some amazing other locals in a fun setting? Come join our next Speed Friending gathering on Wednesday, June 12. (Belltown)

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One more thing...

Around these parts, Paradise isn’t just a state of mind — it’s an actual place. And the historic Paradise Inn at Mount Rainier National Park might look a little different the next time you visit.

The hotel’s annex just re-opened after more than a year of upgrades, one of which involved lifting the entire 20,000-square-foot building up on jacks to replace the stone foundation. Crosscut’s Knute Berger has all the details on what it takes to preserve a century-old building in one of our region’s most rapidly changing environments.

Have a good weekend, everyone. We’ll see you on Monday.

— The Evergrey

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