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Orca whales

In Puget Sound, studying poop to save the orca whales

TODAY’S SEATTLE CATALYST: Sam Wasser is the director for the University of Washington’s Center for Conservation Biology. WHAT HE’S DOING: Sam’s work has taken him around the globe. He’s battled ivory trafficking in Africa, studied wolves in Eastern Washington, and kept an eye on our own southern resident killer whales. His primary research tool: studying animal […]

Changemakers / March 26, 2019

Central District: A diverse residential and business community for Seattle to explore

Timothy Eberly With a deep history as one of Seattle’s oldest and most diverse residential neighborhoods, the Central District has many stories to tell. The area is filled with historic homes, a wide variety of restaurants (we’re totally craving breakfast at Cafe Selam), and a thriving arts and culture scene. By partnering with The Evergrey, […]

Central District / January 9, 2019

What does it mean to create change in our city? Introducing our new project with Paul Allen’s Vulcan

When Paul Allen passed away in October, Seattle lost someone who had invested deeply in building a strong community and a better world. While many locals of means use their resources to make an impact, Paul’s philanthropic efforts were spread against a wide range of issues and causes—and his vision went well beyond writing checks. […]

Community / December 5, 2018